Monday, May 4, 2009


5th straight loss. 12-10. at least it was close, and the team we played supposedly beat one of the teams that creamed us, so that's a little boost. as for me, i actually got to play... in the 7th... the top was the fastest half-inning EVER (good job guys) and the bottom... well, you can assume how i fared. (*coughbigfatKcough*)

oh well. 5 and 5. we started out good. here's to hoping it rains tomorrow so we don't have to play that really really good team (the one who we were s'posed to play earlier in the season but it got rained out twice).

8:56pm- as for nicer news, i found these two articles. the first one made me laugh (3rd paragraph). yay alex! :)


Ellie said...

i really liked both of those. but the first was totally better

The EGE said...

Hey. you didn't strike out. Apparently the word has not eyt reached cowtown that an ankle-height ball is not above the knee and there fore a strike.

mandachan said...

well our strike zone isn't regulation baseball's shoulders-to-knees. half of the time, stuff at the letters is a ball and stuff at our ankles is a strike which is total BS 'cause i can hit high stuff, not low stuff. it depends on the pitcher, the score, etc.