Thursday, May 28, 2009

just so ya know...

this post has nothing to do with baseball, but i just wanted to make it known that i'm gonna take a 3-day break from posting 'cause i'm going to a conference friday thru sunday and i probably won't have personal computer access. i know i've gone longer than 3 days without posting but this time i actually have a good reason. i'll keep a print version of dividedloyalty posts, dlgm (dividedloyalty gone mobile) and i'll post those when i get back sometime late sunday (i might not even bother to do it 'til monday).

thanks for tolerating this sporadic posting. now that softball is mostly over (i'm staying after tuesdays and thursdays 'til school ends for extra help), i'll be a little more frequent with my posting. but i really do appreciate the people who actually read this (even though the 3 regulars i know of are me, ellie and david...) :)

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Ellie said...

yay for regular readers! i really haven't posted in a while but i've had so much homework this week it's insane.

but i have exciting news so i'll post tomorrow.