Monday, May 18, 2009


what a weird/sucky day. we technically won the game 18-15 but the coach from the other team put up a big stink saying that the score was tied in the 7th which it wasn't which sent us into extra innings where we almost lost and i think the other coach was just being a weenie 'cause we were winning. and aside from keeping the CORRECT score, i didn't help since i K-ed with runners in scoring position AND i dropped the one fly ball hit to me which cost us a run.

and since i haven't done much in baseball reporting, i'll just give you the standings:
  • boston: 2nd in AL east, 3.5 games behind toronto
  • kansas city: 2nd in AL central, 1 game behind detroit
  • texas: 1st in AL west, 4.5 games ahead of los angeles (angels)
  • arizona: 5th in NL west, 11 games behind los angeles (dodgers) and dan haren is pitching right now so yay dan haren :)
  • san francisco: 2nd in NL west, 6 games behind los angeles (dodgers)


Ellie said...

I'm so happy about the Rangers! Ian, Josh, and Jared make me really happy.

mandachan said...

i know! glad to see someone doing good. and josh's birthday is on thursday, btw :)