Thursday, May 7, 2009

hate to say i told you so

of course, i'm talking about this. *scoff*. idiot.

anyway, big dummies aside, today was a little weird. the game wasn't postponed like i thought it was; no biggie, i had my stuff anyway. but the weird part was that the team we were gonna play decided to not bring their jv. we just had a fluffy practice and then watched varsity (get creamed), so we didn't actually play but we might get a forfeit win because the other school did have a jv team, they just didn't bring them for some odd reason. whatever. i'll take the forfeit win.

d-backs just lost 4-3 in 10 to the padres, but i'm happy with the game 'cause dan haren didn't get the loss (his outing wasn't his finest, though) and he hit a ribbie double and scored after :)

and this is late news, but salty hit a grand salami in the rangers' 7-2 win over the mariners on tuesday :)

7:18pm- holy shi-aht lugo just lead off with a triple. and just a few moments ago i was giggling about the fact that he's leading off AND DH-ing tonight.
- and pedroia just singled him home. niiice. i think tonight's game is going to be quite lovely :)

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