Friday, May 22, 2009

el fin

de la temporada de sofbol, that is.
we lost our last two games (wednesday's was 17-8 and today's was 5-1) to set our record at 7 and 11 (varsity is 7 and 13 so no states). and i, being the team stats monkey, figured out our run totals and found that we scored 154 runs total and our opponents scored 181, which isn't bad but dang those blowout games where we either got shutout or scored little hit us hard.
as for me personally, seeing as i hadn't gotten much action in the game as the 4th outfielder and since obviously my hitting isn't that hot (i didn't bother with batting avg this year but it's 1 for something), i'll be back on jv next year which is fine with me. as long as i make varsity at some point (which'll probably be senior year since seniors aren't allowed to play jv).

so that's it. looking forward to next year! and also to that softball camp starting july 12th (last day of the red sox/royals fenway series!)


Ellie said...

in our 2nd to last game our main pitcher got hit by the pitch in the elbow and it completely swelled up. it was not pretty and therefore we had nothing for our last game.

but at least the season was fun. and i'll probably be catching even more next year because one of the others will be a senior and the other will prob. be on varsity.

mandachan said...

that's cool (well, not the pitcher thing but the you catching thing). i'll probably be the only returning jv outfielder since two will probably play for varsity and one isn't coming back, so let's hope i can get the long throws down.