Friday, May 15, 2009


that was s'posed to be a win! we were s'posed to beat them! and we didn't even score!!!! i'm so mad, i'm not even gonna say the score 'cause it is that bad. i got to do a decent amount of running though, 'cause i courtesy-ran for our pitcher twice (slid into an out both times, though the first one wasn't really a slide) and i popped up first AB (i went and touched 1st just in case) and grounded out the second time but DANG IT WAS A CLOSE OUT. didn't help that it was the last out of the bottom of the 7th.

oh well. 6 and 9. i am not amused |:(

oh, and a happy birthday to george brett and josh beckett.


Ellie said...

happy birthday john smoltz too!

and your game couldn't have been worse than mine. we got mercied, mostly because the other team was completely obnoxious. aaaand we're playing them again tomorrow.

mandachan said...

ooh that sucks. we got mercied in the first inning but kept playing, though, so you guys must've done REALLY badly in order to do worse than us. and the sad thing is that it was mostly on errors.