Saturday, May 9, 2009

another day, another loss

12-9 for jv so it was pretty close (varsity got mercied). i K'd looking first time up on a very low and outside pitch that was totally not a strike but they called me out on it anyway, and then i reached 2nd time on a dropped 3rd strike. i got a little more action in left than usual 'cause of a few miscues between our shortstop and third baseman (who is usually our catcher but got moved after our regular 3B got varsity-ed), but overall we did pretty good. aside from the loss.

sox have been doing pretty good so yay for that [gotta love those 6th innings! :) ], so overall a nice start to may in the realm of major league baseball.

going a little farther down the pro-baseball ladder, i have decided that i really want to go to a charleston riverdogs game if only to see pat venditte pitch. sure, the riverdogs are the single-A team for the *gag* yankees, but this guy is an ambidextrous pitcher. don't tell me that's not freaking awesome. i mean, they named a rule after venditte in the minor leagues where when he's facing a switch hitter, he has to decide which arm to use before mr. hitter dude decides which side of the plate he's gonna hit from, and they can only switch sides once per at-bat.
i just hope that he gets traded to a non-yankees team.

oh come on! that's cool!

(thanks to ESPN mag and rick reilly's article)


Ellie said...

i just had i dream that i could pitch. and if i got my mechanics right i was really good. i guess i was kinda like poo poo perez. i wish i could pitch.

mandachan said...

i tried slow-pitching. it wasn't pretty. so there's pretty much no way i could windmill it. and i have enough problems with throwing it normally without my arm hurting.

that would be pretty cool, though :)