Wednesday, May 27, 2009

all-star '09 reportage

since this just got posted today, i'll give you a brief overview of the AL all-star vote leaders... or at least if there's anyone i care about in the top 5...

1B- yay for youk, who has this by 100K+ votes
2B- ian kinsler has this by about 90K but pedroia is second so that's cool (i'm fine with either)
SS- jeter in a landslide but who cares
3B- evan longoria also has this in a landslide but i'm perfectly fine with that seeing as i'll be happy to see alex playing at all before the all-star break, let alone playing like an all-star
C- joe mauer has this by about 100K, and again i'm cool with that. 'tek is 3rd and salty is 5th :)
OF- the top three are bay (yay), josh hamilton (yay) and ichiro. grady sizemore, ellsbury and drew are 8th, 9th and 13th respectively (yay)

and so that's my story. not to mention that i got a little ambitious during postseason practice today and tried to field a grounder at 2nd before the ball actually got in my glove so it ricocheted off my thumb and now it hurts to move my thumb more than a miniscule amount. hence why i'm an outfielder.

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