Sunday, May 31, 2009


(good song by daughtry, btw)

anyway, i'm back from the conference, it was a lot of fun but i'll post more about it, as well as my dlgm posts tomorrow. sorry, i'm kinda tired and i'm working on homework right now.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

just so ya know...

this post has nothing to do with baseball, but i just wanted to make it known that i'm gonna take a 3-day break from posting 'cause i'm going to a conference friday thru sunday and i probably won't have personal computer access. i know i've gone longer than 3 days without posting but this time i actually have a good reason. i'll keep a print version of dividedloyalty posts, dlgm (dividedloyalty gone mobile) and i'll post those when i get back sometime late sunday (i might not even bother to do it 'til monday).

thanks for tolerating this sporadic posting. now that softball is mostly over (i'm staying after tuesdays and thursdays 'til school ends for extra help), i'll be a little more frequent with my posting. but i really do appreciate the people who actually read this (even though the 3 regulars i know of are me, ellie and david...) :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

all-star '09 reportage

since this just got posted today, i'll give you a brief overview of the AL all-star vote leaders... or at least if there's anyone i care about in the top 5...

1B- yay for youk, who has this by 100K+ votes
2B- ian kinsler has this by about 90K but pedroia is second so that's cool (i'm fine with either)
SS- jeter in a landslide but who cares
3B- evan longoria also has this in a landslide but i'm perfectly fine with that seeing as i'll be happy to see alex playing at all before the all-star break, let alone playing like an all-star
C- joe mauer has this by about 100K, and again i'm cool with that. 'tek is 3rd and salty is 5th :)
OF- the top three are bay (yay), josh hamilton (yay) and ichiro. grady sizemore, ellsbury and drew are 8th, 9th and 13th respectively (yay)

and so that's my story. not to mention that i got a little ambitious during postseason practice today and tried to field a grounder at 2nd before the ball actually got in my glove so it ricocheted off my thumb and now it hurts to move my thumb more than a miniscule amount. hence why i'm an outfielder.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


here's my obligatory post, sorry i don't have much to report on aside from the creamages last night (both the rangers and the royals got their butts handed to them on a silver platter).

anyway, sox at twins, royals vs tigers, rangers vs yankees and lincecum is pitching tonight against the braves.

Friday, May 22, 2009

el fin

de la temporada de sofbol, that is.
we lost our last two games (wednesday's was 17-8 and today's was 5-1) to set our record at 7 and 11 (varsity is 7 and 13 so no states). and i, being the team stats monkey, figured out our run totals and found that we scored 154 runs total and our opponents scored 181, which isn't bad but dang those blowout games where we either got shutout or scored little hit us hard.
as for me personally, seeing as i hadn't gotten much action in the game as the 4th outfielder and since obviously my hitting isn't that hot (i didn't bother with batting avg this year but it's 1 for something), i'll be back on jv next year which is fine with me. as long as i make varsity at some point (which'll probably be senior year since seniors aren't allowed to play jv).

so that's it. looking forward to next year! and also to that softball camp starting july 12th (last day of the red sox/royals fenway series!)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

not much

just a general "hey i'm posting" and also to say that today's the 1-year anniversary of lester's no-hitter against the royals and ellsbury's amazingly amazing catch that made it possible. gotta love that awesomeness.

Monday, May 18, 2009


what a weird/sucky day. we technically won the game 18-15 but the coach from the other team put up a big stink saying that the score was tied in the 7th which it wasn't which sent us into extra innings where we almost lost and i think the other coach was just being a weenie 'cause we were winning. and aside from keeping the CORRECT score, i didn't help since i K-ed with runners in scoring position AND i dropped the one fly ball hit to me which cost us a run.

and since i haven't done much in baseball reporting, i'll just give you the standings:
  • boston: 2nd in AL east, 3.5 games behind toronto
  • kansas city: 2nd in AL central, 1 game behind detroit
  • texas: 1st in AL west, 4.5 games ahead of los angeles (angels)
  • arizona: 5th in NL west, 11 games behind los angeles (dodgers) and dan haren is pitching right now so yay dan haren :)
  • san francisco: 2nd in NL west, 6 games behind los angeles (dodgers)

Friday, May 15, 2009


that was s'posed to be a win! we were s'posed to beat them! and we didn't even score!!!! i'm so mad, i'm not even gonna say the score 'cause it is that bad. i got to do a decent amount of running though, 'cause i courtesy-ran for our pitcher twice (slid into an out both times, though the first one wasn't really a slide) and i popped up first AB (i went and touched 1st just in case) and grounded out the second time but DANG IT WAS A CLOSE OUT. didn't help that it was the last out of the bottom of the 7th.

oh well. 6 and 9. i am not amused |:(

oh, and a happy birthday to george brett and josh beckett.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

stealing FAIL

well technically i didn't fail at stealing; i was safe but on the world's worst slide. it looked like i tripped over the bag. the steal (which was preceded by a walk, me being one of the few who actually made it on base) was my only at-bat, and we ended up losing 8-1 but it was to that team that had previously beat us 14-1 so there's some improvement there, and apparently that was like the best jv game against that team in the past few years so yay for that.

as for the actual stealing fail, both ellsbury and salty got thrown out at 2nd in their games last night. at least the rangers won to make up for it (salty went 2 for 4 with a walk and a K); wakefield's knuckleball stopped knuckling in the 3rdish inning and the sox lost 8-4 (ellsbury went 1 for 4 with a ribbie and a K).

not much other than that. practice got rained out.

Monday, May 11, 2009


we killed two birds with one stone today! metaphorically speaking, of course.

bird #1: we FINALLY won, and what a way to do it. 24-2. i love slugfests (well, when we're doing the slugging...).

bird #2: i FINALLY got a hit! yay! it was a lovely little blooper over the 3rd baseman, and i eventually came around to score (on a bases-loaded walk, but hey, i got on base and i scored). i also lined out to 2nd (once again, happy to make contact), reached on an error and got walked (and later scored).

so yeah, basically a little confidence booster for all of us. let's hope we can keep it up :)

(sorry, ellie, i know this doesn't really help your game situation-ness but i had to post this since we haven't been doing so hot lately)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

another day, another loss

12-9 for jv so it was pretty close (varsity got mercied). i K'd looking first time up on a very low and outside pitch that was totally not a strike but they called me out on it anyway, and then i reached 2nd time on a dropped 3rd strike. i got a little more action in left than usual 'cause of a few miscues between our shortstop and third baseman (who is usually our catcher but got moved after our regular 3B got varsity-ed), but overall we did pretty good. aside from the loss.

sox have been doing pretty good so yay for that [gotta love those 6th innings! :) ], so overall a nice start to may in the realm of major league baseball.

going a little farther down the pro-baseball ladder, i have decided that i really want to go to a charleston riverdogs game if only to see pat venditte pitch. sure, the riverdogs are the single-A team for the *gag* yankees, but this guy is an ambidextrous pitcher. don't tell me that's not freaking awesome. i mean, they named a rule after venditte in the minor leagues where when he's facing a switch hitter, he has to decide which arm to use before mr. hitter dude decides which side of the plate he's gonna hit from, and they can only switch sides once per at-bat.
i just hope that he gets traded to a non-yankees team.

oh come on! that's cool!

(thanks to ESPN mag and rick reilly's article)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

hate to say i told you so

of course, i'm talking about this. *scoff*. idiot.

anyway, big dummies aside, today was a little weird. the game wasn't postponed like i thought it was; no biggie, i had my stuff anyway. but the weird part was that the team we were gonna play decided to not bring their jv. we just had a fluffy practice and then watched varsity (get creamed), so we didn't actually play but we might get a forfeit win because the other school did have a jv team, they just didn't bring them for some odd reason. whatever. i'll take the forfeit win.

d-backs just lost 4-3 in 10 to the padres, but i'm happy with the game 'cause dan haren didn't get the loss (his outing wasn't his finest, though) and he hit a ribbie double and scored after :)

and this is late news, but salty hit a grand salami in the rangers' 7-2 win over the mariners on tuesday :)

7:18pm- holy shi-aht lugo just lead off with a triple. and just a few moments ago i was giggling about the fact that he's leading off AND DH-ing tonight.
- and pedroia just singled him home. niiice. i think tonight's game is going to be quite lovely :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

hint much?

this is the 3rd time this particular game has been postponed 'cause of rain. i think the softball gods are trying to tell us something (after all, this school's varsity was 5th in the state)

anyway, not much for me to do 'cause of the rainout, aside from homework and piano and watching lincecum pitch on ESPN GameCast :)

and here's another article about alex's recoveryness. gotta love that 3rd paragraph again :)

Monday, May 4, 2009


5th straight loss. 12-10. at least it was close, and the team we played supposedly beat one of the teams that creamed us, so that's a little boost. as for me, i actually got to play... in the 7th... the top was the fastest half-inning EVER (good job guys) and the bottom... well, you can assume how i fared. (*coughbigfatKcough*)

oh well. 5 and 5. we started out good. here's to hoping it rains tomorrow so we don't have to play that really really good team (the one who we were s'posed to play earlier in the season but it got rained out twice).

8:56pm- as for nicer news, i found these two articles. the first one made me laugh (3rd paragraph). yay alex! :)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

o m freaking g

we have now lost 4 in a row. i mean, those first two weren't any surprises, but for crying out loud! we lost 9-8 to an 0 and 7 team (at least it was close) and then we lost again yesterday 16-14 to a team we beat earlier in the season (the fact that it was raining and giving up that 12-run inning didn't help us, obviously).
the kicker is that in these 4 games we've lost, i've played a grand total of 1 inning. 1 inning! i realize that "my lack of experience could potentially be detrimental to the success of our team" but sitting out isn't exactly the best confidence booster, either. i didn't even make it onto the field these past two games except to warm up, i K-ed last at-bat (last saturday) and i played in left on tuesday for an inning only to field a foul ball and throw it back in. grr.

anyway, baseball hasn't been that great either, especially this red sox/rays series. thursday night was almost embarassing, having matt "mr. big nose" garza pitching a 1-hitter and the rays kicking some serious butt (13-zip was the final score). thank goodness for ellsbury's tchotchky infield single. last night was a little better (we lost 6-2) but i'm bummed at how epically amazing evan longoria is and that his awesomeness has to be on the rays.

but to end this on a happy note, happy 24th birthday, salty!