Monday, April 13, 2009


dare i say it? baseball has kinda been pissing me off lately. or maybe the baseball gods are just trying to mess with me 'cause i've been waiting so long for the season to start and still don't have much of a life beyond the season.

so. why i'm irked:
  • someone out there must be after both of my pitchers. in both of their starts, neither lincecum (0-1, 7.56) or dan haren (0-2, 2.08) have gotten a win... or any team support, for that matter (i mean, haren has actually been doing pretty good but he keeps getting the loss 'cause the games are CUGs). and it looks here like one of the padres tried to write poor lincecum off by shooting a liner at his head:
  • the red sox are at the bottom of the AL east. seriously. i mean, i kinda can't sympathize with them in the angels series seeing as it took los angeles a heck of a lot of courage to go out there and win the series after losing one of their top pitching prospects (r.i.p. nick adenhart), but come on guys! we get people on base and then we flop!
  • the coronation of the "new" big k didn't go quite as planned for the royals with the yankees taking two of three, but what makes me more concerned is that alex missed the start yesterday against his old college buddy joba chamberlain because of a bum right hip. is this a potential "august '08, take two"? ironically enough, guillen got put on the 15-day DL for what else? he did something to his right hip too. WHAT IS IT WITH YOU GUYS AND SCREWING UP YOUR RIGHT HIP?!?! (although i guess it's not any better than our jv softball team and ankle issues)
aside from that... home game for me today at 4 :)

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