Friday, April 10, 2009

recap and other nonsense

we won our game on wednesday 14-8 which is cool except for a few things:
  1. we only played 5 innings 'cause the game was taking too freaking long
  2. i was supposed to sub in after the 5th so obviously i didn't play
  3. it was cold
  4. the ump felt bad for the opposing pitcher and her lack of control so anything from shoulders to ankles was a strike
  5. it started SNOWING during our pregame meeting
i got to be stats monkey for most of the game so yay for that. next game tomorrow at home.

as for baseball, i was fooling around and found a bunch of funny pictures:

nom nom nom i love batting gloves (red sox vs. rays game a few days ago)

uh... alex, you might want to fix your helmet... (opening day at the big k last year)

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