Tuesday, April 21, 2009


sorry, i was desperate for a title again.

coupla things for y'all today. first is that lowrie is most likely going the surgery route for his wrist. bummer. the good thing is that he might be back and ready as early as the all-star break. that must be the deciding time, the all-star break, 'cause alex will be back from hip surgeryness around then too. let's hope it's earlier for the both of them.

the second thing is that obviously today's game got postponed and practice got nixed for jv, otherwise i'd be on the bus or at practice and not posting. i'll probably spend the afternoon working on miscellaneous stories.

finally, i swear, i can't go through one day of practice without hurting myself. you already know that from last year, but i'm serious. i got hit in the arm with a 57mph pitch during practice on saturday, i got hit in the leg with a line drive later that afternoon (i have a lovely bluish green bruise from it), and i scratched the crap out of my kneecap yesterday. with my pinky nail. i don't even know how i did it, it must've been on my follow-thru with the throw or something. at least the throw was decent (left field to almost home, which is good for me).

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