Tuesday, April 28, 2009


good news of today's game: we scored 4 runs in one inning.
bad news: that was all we scored, none of those had to do with me and the other team scored more than 4 runs. a lot more than 4 runs. as in 4.25x more runs. wow. and it wasn't our pitching, we were just having a bad fielding day. it didn't help that the infield was sand and it was windy and excessively buggy. whatever. i kept score and played the bottom of the 6th before they called it on mercy rule (we had been mercied in the beginning of the game but we sorta played it out...)

sox beat the indians and cliff lee last night 3-1 (both ellsbury and grady sizemore had amazingly amazing diving catches), sox currently up 7-3.
in the national league, dan haren pitched a 3-hit CG with 1 earned run and 10 Ks! and he hit a 2-run double! yay!

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