Wednesday, April 15, 2009

good news/bad news

'cause i feel like it

good news: alex played last night!
bad news: he sucked. 0 for 3 with a walk and 3 strikeouts. all i can say is that i had a better batting average last year than he does right now.

good news: the royals beat the indians 9-3, and yesterday was buck's day, hitting a grand salami and a solo home run. they're 5-3 and at the top of the AL central!
bad news: the red sox lost AGAIN, this time 6-5 in 12 to the a's so it's not quite as embarassing as some of the other losses (at least it was close). they're 2-6 and at the bottom of the AL east. ugh.

good news: i got 6 views yesterday!
bad news: 2 of them were me (one on my laptop, one on the desktop)

good news: our softball team is undefeated! 2 and 0! woo! first game 14-8, second game 7-3
bad news: those two wins were both against a kinda crappy team.

good news: i actually got to play in the game on monday and i went 0 for 0 with a walk and a run :)
bad news: i was only out in the field for an inning and a half, it was against the not-so-great team and we were already winning 6-3 before i scored

good news: we have a game today!
bad news: i don't know if the team we're playing today is any good or not

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