Wednesday, April 1, 2009

braceface no more!

finally. i'm sick of braces. food gets stuck too easily, and i can't eat half of the candy i get at halloween, not to mention raw apples, corn on the cob...

so. mini baseball update. buchholz is probably headed to triple-A, the royals sent ross gload to the marlins (that's what you get, you #7 taker you), and the giants signed *gag!* barry bonds. NO! BAD GIANTS! BAD GIANTS! *flick on the nose* no signing steroid takers! i realize that you need hitters to preserve the wins when lincecum and randy johnson are pitching but what were you thinking?!?!

k. no more rants. off to eat my chicken cutlet grinder and tostitos and working on english homework.


The EGE said...

1) Congrats on no more braces! You can have orange gum again now!
2) WTF? Bonds hasn't been kicked out of baseball yet?

mandachan said...

1) yay
2) i know. he's an idiot. and the giants are kinda idiots for signing him.