Thursday, March 12, 2009

yay 300

that's not what this post is really s'posed to be about, but that's still yay-able, this being my 300th post :)

baseball yesterday (red sox had the day off):
the royals played the mariners, couple of interesting things there: erik bedard was scratched from starting because of a "sore butt" (no joke, that's what ESPN said. really.), his replacement pitcher is another person who i need a phonetic spelling of their last name (it was jakubauskas or something like that), they were getting no-hitted while i was watching but they ended up winning 9-2, alex went 1 for 3 with a run scored on maier's inside-the-park home run.
as for the giants, they lost to japan 6-4, lincecum had 2 1/3 scoreless innings but gave up a hit (come on, that was only his 2nd of the preseason) and he was having some control issues towards the end with walking i think 3 or 4 in the outing. still very impressive, though.

awkward conversation department: the whole "all blue-eyed people are related" thing still strikes me as an interesting topic, but i made the mistake of putting my facebook status as i am "related to alex! :)". it conjured up an interesting and slightly awkward conversation between me and my aunt, mostly because i had to explain the whole article to her and after that she wondered why i'd want to be related to him because she figured i only liked him 'cause i wanted to pinch his butt (who does that?!?!) so i gotta be more careful about how i word things...

birthday post time! except not really 'cause it's the EGE's (aka david, of the amateur geek), and the only pictures i have of him for a picture post are kinda embarrassing from a pool party last summer, so i'll be a good friend and not risk getting punched for posting those pictures. however, i will commemorate the birthday with some pictures of the mandachan, since i haven't gotten around to it until now. take it easy today, birthday boy.

and for parting thoughts, i am a horrible marzipan maker. you know how it's s'posed to be all nice and white and formable? mine looks like oatmeal. tastes good, but it looks like oatmeal. i call it mazapán feo (because it really is "ugly marzipan")


Ellie said...

THIS IS SPARTA! Yay for 300!

my aunt has a facebook but i put the settings so she doesn't see my status updates. but it was kinda awkward when she commented on a pic of me and one of my friends who moved when we were like 5. it's an old pic and first my friend comments that it's really cute and then my aunt comments and is like:
"awww. sooo cuttee"
with all the double letters and stuff

mandachan said...

yeah, these pictures i have of david are basically blackmail for him. they involve towel turbans and weird faces.

The EGE said...

Ah yes... those pictures. Plus the one with Becky...
Thanks for the birthday wishes.
And see! something you're better at! I'm only in the 250s!

mandachan said...

oh, i forgot about the one of you and becky. thanks for reminding me. you're welcome for the post, though.

ooh, 50 more posts. bfd. you have like seventybajillion more views than i do so having more posts isn't really saying anything.

Nancy said...

hey ... aunt here ... i'm seriously not interested in spying on anyone. i was just bustin your ass & you know it. puhleez.