Monday, March 9, 2009


once again, new england weather never ceases to amaze me. within a week, we've managed a snowday, a 90 minute delay the next day, a few days of 50-60°F weather and now it's snowing again. i don't get it. and i hope this cold/asthma issue gets finished soon 'cause i've had to miss 2 days of conditioning 'cause i can't breathe. no offense to getting in shape or anything but breathing is just a little more important.

so. sox and royals both won yesterday buuut neither of my boys played so boo for that. as for right now, the sox are beating the pirates 8-5 in the 5th, and the royals face the cubs at 4:05 (what happened to the 3:05 games?)

and for a last silly sidenote, i was watching the us vs. venezuela game yesterday 'cause i had nothing better to do and i saw the lincecum commercial and i got all excited even though i've seen it a bunch of times already :)

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