Thursday, March 19, 2009

this is why we don't pitch coming off of bronchitis.

the numbers speak for themselves. 3.2 innings. 7 hits. 4 runs. 4 walks. a perfect 0.00 ERA blown up to 3.38. oh well. at least he got 6 Ks out of the outing. and he is DARN LUCKY that the offense was on a roll and that his relief crew was holding the cubs to only 2 more runs in the win.
the rest of my baseball world wasn't so hot yesterday, either. royals lost to seattle 9-3 and alex had an 0-fer.

however, on a lighter note, i was thinking about lincecum's start yesterday afternoon (before it went downhill) and i was also working on a flyer for spanish because we had to try to persuade our teacher to buy something using comparisons (like "this candy is more chocolatey than that candy" or whatever). i was feeling particularly silly, and i knew my teacher wouldn't care what i sold as long as it made grammatical sense so i decided to sell lincecum to her. my theory was that "hey, i don't know if she has a fantasy team or not" (probably not) but i decided to try to get her to sign him. here were my excuses:
  • Él tenía más tachados que todos los lanzadores el año pasado. ("tachados" is as close as i could get for "strikeouts", and he did have the most strikeouts.)
  • Él es el lanzador menos exigente de ganadores de la adjudicación Cy Young (va a ganar solamente $650,000 este año). (i'll admit, i totally made this one up for the sake of the assignment but that is how much he'll make this year)
  • Su “ERA" era menos que casi todos los lanzadores el año pasado. (his ERA was higher than only johan santana's and cliff lee's)
  • Él tiene un movimiento de cabeceo más interesante que la mayoría de lanzadores. (again, i was desperate, but i personally think it's true)
  • ¡Y él es el lanzador más adorable de todos los beisbolistas! (come on. you gotta agree with me here. unless you're a guy, in which case that'd be slightly weird.)
holler if you need a translation, i'll be here finishing my english notecards. red sox @ reds, 7:05pm.

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