Wednesday, March 11, 2009


glad that's over. i'm sick of standardized testing. too much writing (although the math and editing were easy and the science was all common sense).

other than that, just a few quick things:
  1. sox lost 5-1 to baltimore yesterday but buchholz did good so that's a nice change. royals were off, but the sox get today off and the royals play the mariners at 4:05pm
  2. i don't think i have conditioning today (no one at the school) which means i haven't done anything that physically strenuous since 2 wednesdays ago, between being sick and the snow day.
  3. does anyone know if people in castilla-la mancha (that's in spain) eat chocolate? we're having a "cultural experience" (since we can't call it a party) in spanish on friday and i'm making some mazapán (marzipan) for it and i'm considering dipping it in chocolate but i don't know if that's politically correct in terms of tradition.
  4. (haha 4 :) ) apparently anyone with blue eyes is related to each other. dutch scientists figured out that the blue-eye gene was the result of a brown-eye gene mutation some 6,000-10,000 years ago somewhere in northern/eastern europe, which means anyone with the melanin-lacking eyes are descendants of this "defective" and therefore share this same gene. conclusion? i'm distantly related to alex!

(i'm pretty sure those are blue eyes. or green, which is a variation of blue in terms of eye color genetics.)


Ellie said...

aww man! i have hazel eyes

mandachan said...

well technically hazel is a form of green which is a form of blue so technically hazel is safe (i don't really see how that works, though, 'cause hazel is brownish green but my mom has hazel eyes so obviously it must work...)