Friday, March 20, 2009

random post

just as a heads up, softball tryouts are next week so *cross my fingers* i'll hopefully be there all week after school and won't have time to post, so if i don't post, that's why. i need all the help i can get.

so. i guess i'll get to work on my homework before i go to the batting cages and christen david's wii when i go over there later. have fun.

and here's a video i found of lincecum talking about competitiveness. not quite sure what's up with that last part, though...


Ellie said...

good luck at tryouts! try to channel your inner alex gordon.

mandachan said...

thanks. sans ground ball facial, of course :) (i read an ESPN article last march about alex and how he got hit in the face with a grounder and had to postpone his wedding 'cause his nose was broken)

yeah, i was thinking about wearing a baseball-player-themed shirt every day next week to try to give myself good luck. i have 5 t-shirt-esque ones so i'll be covered