Saturday, March 21, 2009

it never ends, does it?

every time i'm recovering from an injury, no matter how minor, i always manage to screw up again and injure myself some other way. of course, the solution to a popped blister is just a bandaid and call it good enough, but the location... yeah, it's on the heel of my left hand, so not only does it mess with my batting (which is how i got it, had too tight of a grip on the bat), it'll mess with my catching/fielding 'cause i have a bad tendency to catch the ball not in the webbing of the glove. AND OF COURSE TRYOUTS ARE ON MONDAY. i really don't think the softball gods like me.

anyway, the red sox beat the pirates 11-4 (ellsbury had a double and a run, varitek hit a 3 run homer so i'm glad to see him getting back into the swing of things, no pun intended, and buchholz got the win and i'm glad to see him getting better too), and the royals beat the dodgers 9-4 (alex also had a double and a run and 2 ribbies).


The EGE said...

hey! Cool! You're at 1111 visitors!

mandachan said...

aw i missed it :(