Monday, March 2, 2009

holy shi-aht.

things i learned this weekend:
  • dairy queen doesn't have much for ice cream cakes when they open in february (yeah, most of the dairy queens around here aren't open year round. it sucks)
  • it is possible to be allergic to pork (i'm not but i now know someone who is)
  • standing under a pine tree is not the best location for trying to catch fly balls (i know, common sense)
  • my mere presence makes david's rockets fly more cooperatively :)
  • 2:11pm- employees of the san francisco giants apparently greet each other with "happy lincecum day" whenever timmy pitches
  • and finally, it can and will snow in march. i can't open the door on my deck 'cause of the snow. holy christmas. it was starting to get warm again, too! (gee, it's a good thing johan santana didn't come up to new york to get his arm looked at...)
as for other miscellaneous baseball stuff, sox won yesterday, royals lost but alex got his first hit (FINALLY! i knew wearing my alex shirt would give him good luck even though he got thrown out trying to score later that inning), giants won and lincecum pitched 3 hitless innings with 2 Ks.

in birthdays, happy birthday to jon bon jovi (if you don't know who he is i will personally come over there and beat you in the head with your own computer), henrik lundqvist (note: 2 links there. for you, ellie), ben roethlisberger and reggie bush (that's for you, tia)

and thanks to david for html/color help even though it's a little hard to read... :)


Caroline said...

It was starting to get warmer, wasn't it?
I see you like John H Ritter's "Over The Wall", have you read "Choosing Up Sides", also by him? It's great.

mandachan said...

i know! i mean, i shouldn't be picky 'cause we get the day off which is great, but i was getting ready for spring and softball/baseball season and then THIS comes.
i don't think i've read "choosing up sides" but i've heard about it so i'll have to get around to it. gotta get past school first, ya know (english especially sucks)

Ellie said...

haha. lincecum has a holiday every five days (at least during the regular season). i wonder if there's cake or cookies...

mandachan said...

that would be AMAZING. i should do that, bring cake into school whenever he's pitching. and then i'll have to bring one in june 15th regardless of who's pitching (that's his birthday)