Monday, March 23, 2009


tryouts stink. the weird part is that the conditioning part kicked my butt more than the skills part. i did ok. few inaccurate throws, fielded a few grounders with my ankles (hey, i stopped them), but whatever. "channeling my inner alex" didn't work as well as i thought it would (this might explain why).

sox beat tigers 7-6 (ellsbury had an 0-fer), royals tied with padres 4-4 in 7th but alex isn't playing :(

another post when i get around to it.


Ellie said...

i felt the same way, the conditioning killed me and the skills was a lot easier. don't worry about the fielding. you'll get better. i slid on the gym floor today while i was trying to field a grounder. my knee still stings.

Ellie said...

*i mean, the skills *were* a lot easier.

it's a good thing i'm not still writing my essay.

The EGE said...

Yes. Tryouts SUCK when the windchill is lower than the wind speed. 35 degrees and 20+mph winds. I couldn't feel my hands. Yay!

mandachan said...

haha nice guys. thanks for the support. we all know i'll need it.