Saturday, March 7, 2009


allergies suck. asthma also sucks. combine them and throw in the fact that i cut a good chunk out of my leg last weekend and you will understand the "blarg".

yesterday baseball-wise was pretty good. the sox beat the marlins 5-3, royals beat the rangers 8-7, and again lincecum "technically" pitched a no-hitter but the whole "let everyone pitch" thing...
today? eh, not so great. sox lost to the rays 15-8 with 6 errors, royals are currently winning 9-3 against the indians (7 of those runs in the first 2 innings) but alex had an 0-fer day, and haren gave up 4 runs in his outing.

however, i did find this video. watch it. it's hilarious. and if you haven't watched it before, they'll have an awesome MLB 2K9 ad in the beginning with lincecum hanging out with his video game counterpart and it's really random. and for more 2K9 randomness, you can go to or YouTube.

(and blarg to the fact that i can't get these freaking videos to save onto my computer or to upload here so i don't have to mess with the whole link thing)

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