Tuesday, March 3, 2009

and thus we are back to winter

this weather thing irks me in the sense that it's march and it's supposed to be getting warmer, not colder, but i do like the day off and the 90-minute delay. bad timing, though, with that stupid statewide testing crap starting today. i would think that we would do the testing when we got to school and then go home 'cause it'd be stupid to have 30-minute classes after that, but that would be the LOGICAL thing to do so NO we can't do that. i don't know what'll happen, but we'll probably just have a normal 90-min delay schedule and make up today's tests on friday.

spring training recap from yesterday: red sox lost 5-3, ellsbury went 1 for 3. royals creamed the giants 14-5, alex didn't play and lincecum pitched the day before. the d-backs beat the cubs 9-1 and technically dan haren pitched a no-hitter with a walk and 2 Ks but seeing as they only let him pitch 2 innings... and finally, the rangers beat the indians 8-7, saltalamacchia went 2 for 3 with apparently 3 ribbies but a few places say different things so it might be 4. (here's an interview of him and josh hamilton. i never knew that salty had curly hair...)

4:30pm- darnit. sox lost. 9-8, so that's not THAT bad. ellsbury went 1 for 3. royals currently losing 4-1 but alex got a hit :)
- make that 5-1. dang.

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