Wednesday, March 4, 2009


(sorry, that's the best i got for the onomatopoeic spelling of a squeal)
i saw the sox lose yesterday afternoon, and i had to leave for piano lessons sometime during the 5th inning of the royals game, so when i got home at like 7:30 last night (had a softball meeting too), i checked the score for the game. 9-9, ok, that's cool... and i checked my feeds thing and saw this headline: Gordon's slam highlights Royals' tie. if it weren't for the fact that my parents would've given me strange looks, i would've squealed when i saw it. as it was, my facebook status was (and still is) "AAAIIEEEE ALEX HIT A GRAND SALAMI AND I MISSED IT!!!!" of course, he hit it in the bottom of the 5th and i had to leave in the top of the 5th. oh well, it made my day last night (i know, oxymoron) and today, even though i'm having serious allergy issues and can't breathe so i had to skip out on conditioning.

i love the faces people make when they hit the ball (or pitch, for that matter...)

i also love how alex's helmet looks WAY too big for his head in this one (thanks to the kansas city star for those two)

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