Sunday, March 29, 2009


again i apologize for not posting much but i'll be at practice every day after school (if it's not raining) so i hate to say it but get used to it.

and i don't feel like doing much in the way of a giant baseball recap either.

yay 1 more week until opening day! finally!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

this time it's legit

so yay for me making it. i just need to hustle a little more and control my asthma (which is of course only exercise-induced).

that being said, posting from now until june will be few and far between. sorry for the inconvenience, but i'll be at practice after school monday thru friday and on saturday mornings.

but still! yay me! :D

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

i made it except not really

cuts are actually tomorrow instead of today. great. now i have another day to dwell on my potential suckage. it doesn't help that i had to learn how to hit/swing differently today and i didn't have a bandaid on my boo-boo.

i'll do a ginormous baseball spring training recap when i get past this softball tryout thing.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

still not motivated

and "channeling my inner ellsbury" didn't quite work either.

good news is that alex is playing tonight. yay.

tomorrow is the deciding day. cross your fingers, toes, eyes, whatever. i need all the luck i can get.

Monday, March 23, 2009


tryouts stink. the weird part is that the conditioning part kicked my butt more than the skills part. i did ok. few inaccurate throws, fielded a few grounders with my ankles (hey, i stopped them), but whatever. "channeling my inner alex" didn't work as well as i thought it would (this might explain why).

sox beat tigers 7-6 (ellsbury had an 0-fer), royals tied with padres 4-4 in 7th but alex isn't playing :(

another post when i get around to it.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

it never ends, does it?

every time i'm recovering from an injury, no matter how minor, i always manage to screw up again and injure myself some other way. of course, the solution to a popped blister is just a bandaid and call it good enough, but the location... yeah, it's on the heel of my left hand, so not only does it mess with my batting (which is how i got it, had too tight of a grip on the bat), it'll mess with my catching/fielding 'cause i have a bad tendency to catch the ball not in the webbing of the glove. AND OF COURSE TRYOUTS ARE ON MONDAY. i really don't think the softball gods like me.

anyway, the red sox beat the pirates 11-4 (ellsbury had a double and a run, varitek hit a 3 run homer so i'm glad to see him getting back into the swing of things, no pun intended, and buchholz got the win and i'm glad to see him getting better too), and the royals beat the dodgers 9-4 (alex also had a double and a run and 2 ribbies).

Friday, March 20, 2009

random post

just as a heads up, softball tryouts are next week so *cross my fingers* i'll hopefully be there all week after school and won't have time to post, so if i don't post, that's why. i need all the help i can get.

so. i guess i'll get to work on my homework before i go to the batting cages and christen david's wii when i go over there later. have fun.

and here's a video i found of lincecum talking about competitiveness. not quite sure what's up with that last part, though...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

this is why we don't pitch coming off of bronchitis.

the numbers speak for themselves. 3.2 innings. 7 hits. 4 runs. 4 walks. a perfect 0.00 ERA blown up to 3.38. oh well. at least he got 6 Ks out of the outing. and he is DARN LUCKY that the offense was on a roll and that his relief crew was holding the cubs to only 2 more runs in the win.
the rest of my baseball world wasn't so hot yesterday, either. royals lost to seattle 9-3 and alex had an 0-fer.

however, on a lighter note, i was thinking about lincecum's start yesterday afternoon (before it went downhill) and i was also working on a flyer for spanish because we had to try to persuade our teacher to buy something using comparisons (like "this candy is more chocolatey than that candy" or whatever). i was feeling particularly silly, and i knew my teacher wouldn't care what i sold as long as it made grammatical sense so i decided to sell lincecum to her. my theory was that "hey, i don't know if she has a fantasy team or not" (probably not) but i decided to try to get her to sign him. here were my excuses:
  • Él tenía más tachados que todos los lanzadores el año pasado. ("tachados" is as close as i could get for "strikeouts", and he did have the most strikeouts.)
  • Él es el lanzador menos exigente de ganadores de la adjudicación Cy Young (va a ganar solamente $650,000 este año). (i'll admit, i totally made this one up for the sake of the assignment but that is how much he'll make this year)
  • Su “ERA" era menos que casi todos los lanzadores el año pasado. (his ERA was higher than only johan santana's and cliff lee's)
  • Él tiene un movimiento de cabeceo más interesante que la mayoría de lanzadores. (again, i was desperate, but i personally think it's true)
  • ¡Y él es el lanzador más adorable de todos los beisbolistas! (come on. you gotta agree with me here. unless you're a guy, in which case that'd be slightly weird.)
holler if you need a translation, i'll be here finishing my english notecards. red sox @ reds, 7:05pm.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


a lot of things don't make sense to me right now. one is why we have so many half days for school (i don't argue it, though, 'cause i enjoy getting home early). another is how if steroids are supposed to make a player better, then why are a-rod's sans-steroids numbers a lot better than his with-steroids numbers (he's not the only one who i've seen this happen to). and finally, i don't get how the sox could sign someone in the offseason and then let them go before the season started. josh bard got the boot, so george kottaras will be varitek's backup, and i realize we don't need a lot of backups but we just signed the guy!

whatever. red sox are off, royals and mariners at 9:05pm, and lincecum is back in the action for today's start vs. the cubs at 4:05pm (and to clarify things, he didn't have the flu, he had bronchitis.)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


which is what i'll try to do 'cause i need to work on notecards (i have 21 due by friday for a grand total of 50 notecards. that's 10 notecards per page if i have a 5-page paper.)

sox beat toronto 6-4 yesterday (ellsbury went 1 for 4 with a run), royals beat chisox 11-7 (alex went 1 for 4 with a run and a ribbie triple), and you already know lincecum didn't pitch for obvious reasons. and now randy johnson had to miss his start 'cause his arm is sore. the giants' one-two punch needs to get better FAST!

Monday, March 16, 2009

haha niiiice...

well, the sox losing to the orioles 6-2 wasn't very nice (they're currently beating toronto 4-3), but the royals retaliated from the routing by the d-backs by beating the giants 11-3. alex had a ribbie single, which is cool, but you know how some people just have "their day"? yesterday was apparently teahen's day. he was on fire. he wasn't just on fire, he was on FI-YAH. he went 3 for 4 with 2, count 'em, 2 homeruns, 4 runs and 2 ribbies. yay for teahen even though he sometimes replaces alex!

also the not-so-"haha niiiice" department, lincecum got scratched from today's start 'cause he has the flu. i'm still not sure how someone can get the flu in march (or in july, for that matter, 'cause he wasn't able to pitch in the all-star game 'cause he got hospitalized for it), but i hope he feels better soon.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

well then.

so one of the blogs i read, bringing diamond back(s), had a little blurb saying "hey the d-backs play the royals today" so after i found out alex wasn't playing, i commented and said that the d-backs could kick the royals' butts. heh. major "open mouth insert keyboard" moment after i saw the score. 11-3, d-backs. i went back to the blog and was like "dang i realize i said they could kick the royals' butts but i didn't mean it like that!" once again, i really gotta watch what i say.

red sox and orioles are currently shut-outing each other, royals vs giants at 4:05

Saturday, March 14, 2009

pi(e) day!

i have to acknowledge that because i miss having a whole day dedicated to doing absolutely nothing and eating dessert. i think i'm gonna order some pie when we go out to dinner tonight :)

short post today. red sox lost to orioles 9-8, royals playing d-backs but teahen is playing 3B so i'm not really gonna bother watching the scores update as intently as i usually do. and i should probably be icing my arm after having BP at turgeon's earlier today (i was able to hit up to about 55, maybe 60mph so yay for that)

have fun. don't engorge yourselves.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

yay 300

that's not what this post is really s'posed to be about, but that's still yay-able, this being my 300th post :)

baseball yesterday (red sox had the day off):
the royals played the mariners, couple of interesting things there: erik bedard was scratched from starting because of a "sore butt" (no joke, that's what ESPN said. really.), his replacement pitcher is another person who i need a phonetic spelling of their last name (it was jakubauskas or something like that), they were getting no-hitted while i was watching but they ended up winning 9-2, alex went 1 for 3 with a run scored on maier's inside-the-park home run.
as for the giants, they lost to japan 6-4, lincecum had 2 1/3 scoreless innings but gave up a hit (come on, that was only his 2nd of the preseason) and he was having some control issues towards the end with walking i think 3 or 4 in the outing. still very impressive, though.

awkward conversation department: the whole "all blue-eyed people are related" thing still strikes me as an interesting topic, but i made the mistake of putting my facebook status as i am "related to alex! :)". it conjured up an interesting and slightly awkward conversation between me and my aunt, mostly because i had to explain the whole article to her and after that she wondered why i'd want to be related to him because she figured i only liked him 'cause i wanted to pinch his butt (who does that?!?!) so i gotta be more careful about how i word things...

birthday post time! except not really 'cause it's the EGE's (aka david, of the amateur geek), and the only pictures i have of him for a picture post are kinda embarrassing from a pool party last summer, so i'll be a good friend and not risk getting punched for posting those pictures. however, i will commemorate the birthday with some pictures of the mandachan, since i haven't gotten around to it until now. take it easy today, birthday boy.

and for parting thoughts, i am a horrible marzipan maker. you know how it's s'posed to be all nice and white and formable? mine looks like oatmeal. tastes good, but it looks like oatmeal. i call it mazapán feo (because it really is "ugly marzipan")

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


glad that's over. i'm sick of standardized testing. too much writing (although the math and editing were easy and the science was all common sense).

other than that, just a few quick things:
  1. sox lost 5-1 to baltimore yesterday but buchholz did good so that's a nice change. royals were off, but the sox get today off and the royals play the mariners at 4:05pm
  2. i don't think i have conditioning today (no one at the school) which means i haven't done anything that physically strenuous since 2 wednesdays ago, between being sick and the snow day.
  3. does anyone know if people in castilla-la mancha (that's in spain) eat chocolate? we're having a "cultural experience" (since we can't call it a party) in spanish on friday and i'm making some mazapán (marzipan) for it and i'm considering dipping it in chocolate but i don't know if that's politically correct in terms of tradition.
  4. (haha 4 :) ) apparently anyone with blue eyes is related to each other. dutch scientists figured out that the blue-eye gene was the result of a brown-eye gene mutation some 6,000-10,000 years ago somewhere in northern/eastern europe, which means anyone with the melanin-lacking eyes are descendants of this "defective" and therefore share this same gene. conclusion? i'm distantly related to alex!

(i'm pretty sure those are blue eyes. or green, which is a variation of blue in terms of eye color genetics.)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

*insert decent title here*

sorry, totally drawing a blank in the title department. not that it really matters anyway.

royals get the day off today, and the sox don't play the orioles until 1:05 and i have an ortho appointment so i'll miss that but it's no big deal. and besides, i might get my braces off next month so yay for that.
as for yesterday's stuff, the sox won 15-14 in 10 to the pirates (no ellsbury) and the royals lost to the cubs 9-1 (alex had another 0-fer). and i found a video of dan haren talking to the mlb network about random stuff (but i found that today)

guess that's it. not much here. more when it comes, as always.

Monday, March 9, 2009


once again, new england weather never ceases to amaze me. within a week, we've managed a snowday, a 90 minute delay the next day, a few days of 50-60°F weather and now it's snowing again. i don't get it. and i hope this cold/asthma issue gets finished soon 'cause i've had to miss 2 days of conditioning 'cause i can't breathe. no offense to getting in shape or anything but breathing is just a little more important.

so. sox and royals both won yesterday buuut neither of my boys played so boo for that. as for right now, the sox are beating the pirates 8-5 in the 5th, and the royals face the cubs at 4:05 (what happened to the 3:05 games?)

and for a last silly sidenote, i was watching the us vs. venezuela game yesterday 'cause i had nothing better to do and i saw the lincecum commercial and i got all excited even though i've seen it a bunch of times already :)

Saturday, March 7, 2009


allergies suck. asthma also sucks. combine them and throw in the fact that i cut a good chunk out of my leg last weekend and you will understand the "blarg".

yesterday baseball-wise was pretty good. the sox beat the marlins 5-3, royals beat the rangers 8-7, and again lincecum "technically" pitched a no-hitter but the whole "let everyone pitch" thing...
today? eh, not so great. sox lost to the rays 15-8 with 6 errors, royals are currently winning 9-3 against the indians (7 of those runs in the first 2 innings) but alex had an 0-fer day, and haren gave up 4 runs in his outing.

however, i did find this video. watch it. it's hilarious. and if you haven't watched it before, they'll have an awesome MLB 2K9 ad in the beginning with lincecum hanging out with his video game counterpart and it's really random. and for more 2K9 randomness, you can go to or YouTube.

(and blarg to the fact that i can't get these freaking videos to save onto my computer or to upload here so i don't have to mess with the whole link thing)

Friday, March 6, 2009

found one :)

(thanks to around the horn in kc for that)

just a short post today. sox vs. marlins, royals vs. rangers (yeah i know they just played each other but they swapped fields), and lincecum is pitching in the giants vs. angels game. come on guys! :)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

slightly smaller squeal :)

'cause no offense, but a solo home run isn't quite as exciting when it's preceded the day before by a grand salami. still, alex is starting to get into the groove of things and that makes me happy. salty also went 1 for 2 with a ribbie double (he also leads the rangers in ribbies as of right now with 5).

as for the sox, they had the day off yesterday and lost to puerto rico 9-5 today but ellsbury went 2 for 3 with a run. and poor zink. he gave up 4 runs on 2 hits in not even a third of an inning so his ERA is so bad it's a question mark. oh well.

and for the slightly geeky interlude, i now have a rocket named after me (see david's blog for details). it's pretty. it's long and skinny (unlike who it's named after...) and the tip is yellow that fades into red and there's a few detachable parts so it's like a transformer rocket in a very simplistic sense. i feel special. and i get to keep it either after it blows up, breaks or wins a few competitions so yay for that. stay tuned to either here or the amateur geek for pictures.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


(sorry, that's the best i got for the onomatopoeic spelling of a squeal)
i saw the sox lose yesterday afternoon, and i had to leave for piano lessons sometime during the 5th inning of the royals game, so when i got home at like 7:30 last night (had a softball meeting too), i checked the score for the game. 9-9, ok, that's cool... and i checked my feeds thing and saw this headline: Gordon's slam highlights Royals' tie. if it weren't for the fact that my parents would've given me strange looks, i would've squealed when i saw it. as it was, my facebook status was (and still is) "AAAIIEEEE ALEX HIT A GRAND SALAMI AND I MISSED IT!!!!" of course, he hit it in the bottom of the 5th and i had to leave in the top of the 5th. oh well, it made my day last night (i know, oxymoron) and today, even though i'm having serious allergy issues and can't breathe so i had to skip out on conditioning.

i love the faces people make when they hit the ball (or pitch, for that matter...)

i also love how alex's helmet looks WAY too big for his head in this one (thanks to the kansas city star for those two)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

and thus we are back to winter

this weather thing irks me in the sense that it's march and it's supposed to be getting warmer, not colder, but i do like the day off and the 90-minute delay. bad timing, though, with that stupid statewide testing crap starting today. i would think that we would do the testing when we got to school and then go home 'cause it'd be stupid to have 30-minute classes after that, but that would be the LOGICAL thing to do so NO we can't do that. i don't know what'll happen, but we'll probably just have a normal 90-min delay schedule and make up today's tests on friday.

spring training recap from yesterday: red sox lost 5-3, ellsbury went 1 for 3. royals creamed the giants 14-5, alex didn't play and lincecum pitched the day before. the d-backs beat the cubs 9-1 and technically dan haren pitched a no-hitter with a walk and 2 Ks but seeing as they only let him pitch 2 innings... and finally, the rangers beat the indians 8-7, saltalamacchia went 2 for 3 with apparently 3 ribbies but a few places say different things so it might be 4. (here's an interview of him and josh hamilton. i never knew that salty had curly hair...)

4:30pm- darnit. sox lost. 9-8, so that's not THAT bad. ellsbury went 1 for 3. royals currently losing 4-1 but alex got a hit :)
- make that 5-1. dang.

Monday, March 2, 2009

holy shi-aht.

things i learned this weekend:
  • dairy queen doesn't have much for ice cream cakes when they open in february (yeah, most of the dairy queens around here aren't open year round. it sucks)
  • it is possible to be allergic to pork (i'm not but i now know someone who is)
  • standing under a pine tree is not the best location for trying to catch fly balls (i know, common sense)
  • my mere presence makes david's rockets fly more cooperatively :)
  • 2:11pm- employees of the san francisco giants apparently greet each other with "happy lincecum day" whenever timmy pitches
  • and finally, it can and will snow in march. i can't open the door on my deck 'cause of the snow. holy christmas. it was starting to get warm again, too! (gee, it's a good thing johan santana didn't come up to new york to get his arm looked at...)
as for other miscellaneous baseball stuff, sox won yesterday, royals lost but alex got his first hit (FINALLY! i knew wearing my alex shirt would give him good luck even though he got thrown out trying to score later that inning), giants won and lincecum pitched 3 hitless innings with 2 Ks.

in birthdays, happy birthday to jon bon jovi (if you don't know who he is i will personally come over there and beat you in the head with your own computer), henrik lundqvist (note: 2 links there. for you, ellie), ben roethlisberger and reggie bush (that's for you, tia)

and thanks to david for html/color help even though it's a little hard to read... :)