Monday, February 2, 2009


you know how people usually do stuff and then think later? i wish i had realized... oh, i don't know, BEFORE that playing wii sports, throwing and catching with a arm sore from wii sports, and then playing "the bigs" for wii is NOT a good idea and that i will be incredibly sore the next day. obviously i didn't, and i had to skip conditioning today 'cause my right arm and shoulder and my ribs hurt THAT bad. as in it hurts to cough or laugh.
good things that came out of this: when i was playing "the bigs" with tyler, he forgot how to hit people in the face with a pitch so alex was safe AND i won 16-12 but that's 'cause he let me win, i did pretty good in boxing seeing as i had never boxed before, i kicked butt in bowling (both in the first round of real bowling and in the power throws exercise), and hey, i got to play the wii two days in a row. yeah, i'm paying for it now, but i love playing the wii.

so! super bowl! i'm not a football person (well duh), but going by what other people said, i wasn't really surprised that the steelers won. although, i don't take much for granted in the biggest game of the season for anything, especially after what happened last year... (i sure didn't see that coming)

and with that, i'm ready for baseball season. 2 months and 4 days 'til opening day! :)

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