Thursday, February 19, 2009

spring training!

yeah, i know that spring training started already, but i was fooling around yesterday and found a bunch of random photo galleries. it's kinda weird that only the indians and the red sox have posted their galleries on, but i've found others elsewhere. the only problem is that the only copy-able pictures were those of the royals, so i'll just bombard you with royal-ness. enjoy.

(alex, mark teahen, david dejesus, billy butler, manager trey hillman and coco crisp)

aww, look, the history of royals 3B awesomeness and the future of royals 3B awesomeness :)


Ellie said...

I wish more teams would put up pics. But at least there are players I like on the Sox and Indians so it isn't like I don't care about the teams with pics.

ESPN has a bunch of pics up so sometimes I look there.

mandachan said...

i found these on the kansas city star website. the pitchers and catchers warmup pics are really funny, and the sox's pitchers are funny too (mostly the faces they make)