Sunday, February 15, 2009

short post

2 quick things:
  1. i'm not a racing fan, but i do know that today is the daytona 500 (my grandparents usually watch racing). i hope joey logano and kasey kahne do good, mostly 'cause they're the only guys i actually know (from between family and ESPN mag). go kasey and joey!
  2. there's been rumors going around that some virginia thing is hoping to buy the defenders and transfer them to richmond, and that they might be replaced here with a single-A team. i say N O to both (note: there's two links there). it's boring here as it is, the defenders make summer baseball a lot easier to get. besides, having the double-A giants here not only makes september call-ups actually mean something, the chance of me seeing lincecum pitch in a game is a little higher if the defenders are here (you know, if he has to make a rehab start or if he pulls a "clay buchholz" of whatever)

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