Saturday, February 28, 2009

more timmy!

oy vey.
anyone who gets ESPN magazine will know why i have a funny story related to it, but if not, just read this. i knew that they were gonna do a feature on lincecum when i saw it on the site a few days ago, but i started to get suspicious when it didn't come in the mail. sure enough, my stepdad got it yesterday while i was at school and proceeded to hide it from me until he read it and THEN let me have it at like 9:30 last night. i kinda knew he'd hide it from me anyway, but still, that's kinda mean. not in an 'evil stepdad' kinda way, more like an annoying older brother way.
(and also i went to dairy queen last night to get an ice cream cake for my brother and that guy who looks like lincecum was there :D)


Ellie said...

now that you have the magazine you can keep it forever and you don't have to share it with him because he already read it.

and speaking of the giants, Barry Zito did well today so i'm happy about that

mandachan said...

nice hat :)

but yeah, i was like "mike, are you done reading this?" and he's like "no you can't have it"
(i'll get ahold of it at some point anyway when i go through all of the old issues)