Friday, February 20, 2009


part one: i was thinking of doing a random lyrics snippets post, so here you go. if anyone gets any of the songs right, i'll give you a... i don't know, an imaginary cookie i guess. here goes:
  • "you love and you bleed and you stole my soul to set me free"
  • "billy was a bright one, tommy's off his head, mother loved them both the same, at least that's what she said"
  • "i'm sorry 'bout the attitude i need to give when i'm with you but no one else will take this sh** from me:
  • "i wouldn't trade old leroy or my chevrolet for your escalade or your freak parade"
  • "i know that i've got issues but you're pretty messed up too"
  • "i got my toes in the water, a** in the sand, not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand"
more later when i can think of other random lyrics.

part two: i found a copy-able photo gallery of the sox's spring training. here are a few of my favorites.

lester: "paper, scissors... dangit manny, you win!"

i never realize how short pedroia is until i see him next to someone else (i know, i'm one to talk)

*GASP!* ellsbury killed drew! oh no! :)

even though i'm not a huge lugo fan, this is an adorable picture. enough said.


Ellie said...

it's like santa and one of his elves! (papi and dustin)

mandachan said...

nice. that's so mean! :)

Ellie said...

and one of the lyrics is from 'my life would suck without you'

good song

mandachan said...

good job, here's your imaginary cookie: *cookie* :)