Monday, February 16, 2009

joey didn't do so hot...

anyone who was watching the race around a little after 5 (i wasn't) would know what happened. he crashed. it was sad. luckily, he's ok. here's how espn recapped it:
5:10 p.m.

The Daytona 500 debut is over for rookie Joey Logano.

He was bumped coming off Turn 4 on Lap 81. The No. 20 Toyota turned inside after the bump and made hard, head-on contact with an inside wall on a SAFER barrier, but Logano wasn't hurt.

-- Terry Blount

what a sucky way to end your first bigtime race, huh?

kasey came in 29th. matt kenseth won 'cause the race was rain-shortened, but i don't really know who he is so i'm not that concerned.

and that concludes this non-baseball-related post (see, david? i can do it, i just need inspiration. mostly of cute guys in sports.)


Ellie said...

I was rooting for Jimmie Johnson or Jeff Gordon because they are the only ones I have really heard of. I was also rooting against Tony Stewart because for some reason I absolutely hate him.

mandachan said...

nice. i only knew who joey was 'cause of ESPN NEXT '09, and my gramma and one of my cousins are kasey kahne fans.