Wednesday, February 11, 2009


this shouldn't be a big deal, but i have been at school from 7:40whatever this morning to about 7:40whatever tonight due to school, staying after for help with my english essay (which, once again, i should be working on right now), conditioning, a band rehearsal with the middle schoolers and waiting for my mom to get out of a meeting. woof.

and as dorky as this sounds, thanks everyone for those 7 visits yesterday. it sounds like a pretty pathetic hit count compared to other blogs i read, but it's exciting for me. and i will admit it was a pretty awesome post :D

2/12, 10:19am- hey! i got 7 visits again! this is exciting! :D


Helen said...
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Ellie said...

sorry about that other comment. i used my email that i give to all my teachers and stuff. but basically i had way too much work to find pics for the post. it wouldn't have been as good as the one you have.

mandachan said...

yeah, i had all the pictures, i just planned it out on monday so i could just upload and go on tuesday.

of course, i'm kicking myself now for it 'cause it's kinda late and i still have a buttload of homework.