Monday, February 9, 2009

giant mishmash post!

this is a compilation of stuff i found over the weekend. here goes.

giants news (i have so much it requires bullet points):
  • their fanfest was this past weekend, and "newcomer" randy johnson was the highlight of the event. seems kinda funny to call him a newcomer when he's been in the field since before me...
  • they also had a hooflah in san jose (read this post from the giants blog), which is no big deal but i love this quote: "Here is the first thing I heard when the team arrived at the Brit Arms into a crowd of fans: 'That little kid? He looks like the kid that rides the bus to the mall in Santa Cruz!' The incredulous woman's companion had just pointed out the 2008 Cy Young Award winner." poor lincecum! although to be quite honest, i can see where that came from
  • and while we're on the topic of lincecum and the giants blog, apparently he got lingual braces (the kind that go behind your teeth so no one can see them). if he had gotten normal braces, he'd really look like a kid (you know, more than he already does).

royals news: teahen is back in it for another year and $3.58mil. apparently he's going to consider switching to 2B since alex and all of his awesomeness has 3B covered for the most part.

other semi-baseball-related news: The 'Ropolitans just recently celebrated 100,000 visitors. i'm jealous! well, great job to andrew for his fantastic blog, and here's to the next 100,000.

something that has absolutely nothing to do with baseball: anyone who watched ABC last night saw Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, which is cool and everything but i specifically pointed this one out because it kinda hits close to home; the house that got made-over is on the way to the place we get our christmas tree. not that this has anything to do with christmas trees, either, i'm just saying that this was a HUGE thing that happened 'cause connecticut is kinda boring so when something big like this happens, the whole state gets involved. kinda makes you feel good (aside from the fact that i didn't do anything).

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