Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"the dirty dozen"

yay i actually slept in a little this morning! must've been because i was dreaming of tacos for some reason...

so anyway, i went over david's house for one of the "friday night movie nights with the guys"... except it wasn't friday, it was monday... and the other two guys who were s'posed to show up, dan and tj, were celebrating tj's birthday so they didn't come... and i went over there a little after 3... so i guess it was more of a "monday afternoon movie watching thing that wasn't a date".
so i was forced to watch the dirty dozen, which is this random war movie from 1967 about this guy who had to take 12 random prisoners and train them to do an invasion on a headquarters of some sort during WWII (david, don't correct me if i'm wrong). eh, it was an ok movie, not quite as funny as david had said it was going to be, but there was a really funny part in the middle. one of the prisoners (#2, that pinkley guy) has to act like a general in front of these high-end people and he had no idea what he was doing so it's totally hilarious. and the best part was that halfway through that scene, i realized that the guy who was pretending to be the general had a vague resemblance to a scrawny version of alex (it was mostly the eyes and the occasionally goofy smile). and OF COURSE they kill him off at the end, so that kinda sucked. but the funny parts were pretty good. if i could find those certain parts on youtube, i would, but i highly doubt they'll be there. if you do rent the movie, skip ahead to a little less than an hour into the movie.

in other news, happy birthday to michael jordan, larry the cable guy, buster olney (he's an ESPN columnist), billie joe armstrong (lead singer of green day) and a bunch of other people.


Ellie said...

that's a lot of people with birthdays today. i also have 2 friends with birthdays today.

mandachan said...

it's weird 'cause there will be days where a bajillion people i know that have birthdays (like the triple david awesomeness birthday post :D), and then there will be days where i don't know anyone. there's a bunch of people i know who have my birthday. guess it's just one of those days