Saturday, February 28, 2009

more timmy!

oy vey.
anyone who gets ESPN magazine will know why i have a funny story related to it, but if not, just read this. i knew that they were gonna do a feature on lincecum when i saw it on the site a few days ago, but i started to get suspicious when it didn't come in the mail. sure enough, my stepdad got it yesterday while i was at school and proceeded to hide it from me until he read it and THEN let me have it at like 9:30 last night. i kinda knew he'd hide it from me anyway, but still, that's kinda mean. not in an 'evil stepdad' kinda way, more like an annoying older brother way.
(and also i went to dairy queen last night to get an ice cream cake for my brother and that guy who looks like lincecum was there :D)

Friday, February 27, 2009


the sox lost again yesterday (3-2. they had it and they blew it in the 9th). the royals beat the rangers 7-2 so yay except alex went 0 for 3 and they replaced him. (i know, this is all repeats)

as for right now, the rays are kicking the sox's butts 12-4 in the 8th (ellsbury is 1 for 3 with a ribbie), and the royals are beating the giants 2-0 but alex isn't playing.

speaking of the giants, i was looking at my random feeds, and i was glad to see that the giants signed lincecum to a 1-year, $650,000 deal. this makes me happy for 2 reasons: 1) this way, i know he's not going to the yankees, and 2) his deal isn't that extravagant. i mean, hello, lincecum won the cy young, so most people would probably get all cocky and expect millions, but he went with a modest $650K. don't get me wrong, that's still a lot of money and more than i'll ever get in a year, but it's nice to see that someone awesome has some restraint (unlike a certain former red sox outfielder who refused 2 years and $45mil from the dodgers AGAIN).

Thursday, February 26, 2009

spring training is in full swing

well technically it was in full swing yesterday with the first day of games.
  • the red sox beat boston college 7-1 but lost to the twins later 5-2 (ellsbury didn't play game 1 and had an 0-fer game 2)
  • the royals lost to the rangers 12-7 despite having 4 homers (weird. alex got walked twice and salty was 1 for 3 with a run and a ribbie)
  • the giants beat the indians 10-7 (lincecum pitched an inning with a hit and a K)
  • the d-backs won 5-3 against the rockies (dan haren had the day/night/whatever off)
and so that's my story. as of right now (3:23pm), the red sox are beating the pirates 2-0 in the 8th, royals are tied at 0 with the rangers in the 2nd, giants are losing 1-0 to the dodgers in the 1st, d-backs are tied at 0 with the indians in the 2nd.

5:00pm- guess i spoke too soon. red sox lost 3-2. again (no ellsbury, either). and the royals are winning 4-2 in the 7th but alex is 0-for-3. and i think i need a phonetic spelling of kila ka'aihue's last name (i can barely spell it, let alone pronounce it correctly).

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


yay 1000 :D (i have been on the computer all afternoon making sure i would see it as soon as it happened)
so thanks to all of the... not very many people who read this regularly. i'd give whoever that last visitor was a cookie if i knew who it was, but since i don't, i guess you miss out. NO COOKIE FOR YOU!

k. that's all. back to english homework and watching the scores update on the red sox vs. boston college game (good god that last inning was rough) and dreading conditioning.


as of right now (12:42pm, half day at school), i am UNA VISITA away from 1000! so yay me! i know, geez, took long enough (shut up david!), and i know that somewhere between 1/4 and 1/2 of those 999 visits are me posting/seeing who commented/whatever, THIS IS EXCITING!

and what better way to celebrate my utter awesomeness with the first day of spring training games? royals @ rangers, 2:05pm CT. red sox at twins, 7:05pm ET.

more cute pictures:

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

(half) birthday!

i know, i should really be working on english (i don't think there's ever a time i'm not...), but it's my half birthday so yay for that, and also it's mike lowell's birthday. happy birthday, mike!

(thanks to and their hugeoid spring training photo gallery)

that is all. now, for english...

Monday, February 23, 2009

more miscellany

since there aren't any spring training photos that have jumped out and bit me in the face yet. you know, gotta watch for those face-biting pictures...

so anyway, i was reading The 'Ropolitans today while waiting for conditioning and andrew had a really good post from yesterday about the articles he wrote in quinnipiac's student magazine, the chronicle. my favorite is the article about tomatoes (finally someone understands why tomatoes are so gross! except i still eat ketchup and tomato sauce and that sortof stuff). but really, all the articles are really good so you should go read them. do it! DO IT NOW!!!!

and a happy birthday to my half-brother cody. love you, buddy! :)

Friday, February 20, 2009


part one: i was thinking of doing a random lyrics snippets post, so here you go. if anyone gets any of the songs right, i'll give you a... i don't know, an imaginary cookie i guess. here goes:
  • "you love and you bleed and you stole my soul to set me free"
  • "billy was a bright one, tommy's off his head, mother loved them both the same, at least that's what she said"
  • "i'm sorry 'bout the attitude i need to give when i'm with you but no one else will take this sh** from me:
  • "i wouldn't trade old leroy or my chevrolet for your escalade or your freak parade"
  • "i know that i've got issues but you're pretty messed up too"
  • "i got my toes in the water, a** in the sand, not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand"
more later when i can think of other random lyrics.

part two: i found a copy-able photo gallery of the sox's spring training. here are a few of my favorites.

lester: "paper, scissors... dangit manny, you win!"

i never realize how short pedroia is until i see him next to someone else (i know, i'm one to talk)

*GASP!* ellsbury killed drew! oh no! :)

even though i'm not a huge lugo fan, this is an adorable picture. enough said.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

spring training!

yeah, i know that spring training started already, but i was fooling around yesterday and found a bunch of random photo galleries. it's kinda weird that only the indians and the red sox have posted their galleries on, but i've found others elsewhere. the only problem is that the only copy-able pictures were those of the royals, so i'll just bombard you with royal-ness. enjoy.

(alex, mark teahen, david dejesus, billy butler, manager trey hillman and coco crisp)

aww, look, the history of royals 3B awesomeness and the future of royals 3B awesomeness :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"the dirty dozen"

yay i actually slept in a little this morning! must've been because i was dreaming of tacos for some reason...

so anyway, i went over david's house for one of the "friday night movie nights with the guys"... except it wasn't friday, it was monday... and the other two guys who were s'posed to show up, dan and tj, were celebrating tj's birthday so they didn't come... and i went over there a little after 3... so i guess it was more of a "monday afternoon movie watching thing that wasn't a date".
so i was forced to watch the dirty dozen, which is this random war movie from 1967 about this guy who had to take 12 random prisoners and train them to do an invasion on a headquarters of some sort during WWII (david, don't correct me if i'm wrong). eh, it was an ok movie, not quite as funny as david had said it was going to be, but there was a really funny part in the middle. one of the prisoners (#2, that pinkley guy) has to act like a general in front of these high-end people and he had no idea what he was doing so it's totally hilarious. and the best part was that halfway through that scene, i realized that the guy who was pretending to be the general had a vague resemblance to a scrawny version of alex (it was mostly the eyes and the occasionally goofy smile). and OF COURSE they kill him off at the end, so that kinda sucked. but the funny parts were pretty good. if i could find those certain parts on youtube, i would, but i highly doubt they'll be there. if you do rent the movie, skip ahead to a little less than an hour into the movie.

in other news, happy birthday to michael jordan, larry the cable guy, buster olney (he's an ESPN columnist), billie joe armstrong (lead singer of green day) and a bunch of other people.

Monday, February 16, 2009

joey didn't do so hot...

anyone who was watching the race around a little after 5 (i wasn't) would know what happened. he crashed. it was sad. luckily, he's ok. here's how espn recapped it:
5:10 p.m.

The Daytona 500 debut is over for rookie Joey Logano.

He was bumped coming off Turn 4 on Lap 81. The No. 20 Toyota turned inside after the bump and made hard, head-on contact with an inside wall on a SAFER barrier, but Logano wasn't hurt.

-- Terry Blount

what a sucky way to end your first bigtime race, huh?

kasey came in 29th. matt kenseth won 'cause the race was rain-shortened, but i don't really know who he is so i'm not that concerned.

and that concludes this non-baseball-related post (see, david? i can do it, i just need inspiration. mostly of cute guys in sports.)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

short post

2 quick things:
  1. i'm not a racing fan, but i do know that today is the daytona 500 (my grandparents usually watch racing). i hope joey logano and kasey kahne do good, mostly 'cause they're the only guys i actually know (from between family and ESPN mag). go kasey and joey!
  2. there's been rumors going around that some virginia thing is hoping to buy the defenders and transfer them to richmond, and that they might be replaced here with a single-A team. i say N O to both (note: there's two links there). it's boring here as it is, the defenders make summer baseball a lot easier to get. besides, having the double-A giants here not only makes september call-ups actually mean something, the chance of me seeing lincecum pitch in a game is a little higher if the defenders are here (you know, if he has to make a rehab start or if he pulls a "clay buchholz" of whatever)

Friday, February 13, 2009

7 again!

yay! this might be the start of something awesome! although it kinda bums me out that it took this long...

so. nothing much to report. and i'll be at a sweet 16 party tonight so no post later, either.

and huzzah for spring training. it's been too long to have a baseball blog and limited stuff to blog about.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


this shouldn't be a big deal, but i have been at school from 7:40whatever this morning to about 7:40whatever tonight due to school, staying after for help with my english essay (which, once again, i should be working on right now), conditioning, a band rehearsal with the middle schoolers and waiting for my mom to get out of a meeting. woof.

and as dorky as this sounds, thanks everyone for those 7 visits yesterday. it sounds like a pretty pathetic hit count compared to other blogs i read, but it's exciting for me. and i will admit it was a pretty awesome post :D

2/12, 10:19am- hey! i got 7 visits again! this is exciting! :D

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

yay! :D

gah i don't like writing essays for english which is what i'm s'posed to be doing right now but i swear i'll make this super quick!

happy 25th birthday, alex! :)

and then the obligatory wikipedia picture

(pictures courtesy from wherever. sorry, i saved these on my computer and can't remember where half of them are from.)

4:46pm- and here's that link david tried to comment with but it got cut off. nice at-bat picture, not so hot "mug shot" (i think he has a history of bad mugs...)

Monday, February 9, 2009

giant mishmash post!

this is a compilation of stuff i found over the weekend. here goes.

giants news (i have so much it requires bullet points):
  • their fanfest was this past weekend, and "newcomer" randy johnson was the highlight of the event. seems kinda funny to call him a newcomer when he's been in the field since before me...
  • they also had a hooflah in san jose (read this post from the giants blog), which is no big deal but i love this quote: "Here is the first thing I heard when the team arrived at the Brit Arms into a crowd of fans: 'That little kid? He looks like the kid that rides the bus to the mall in Santa Cruz!' The incredulous woman's companion had just pointed out the 2008 Cy Young Award winner." poor lincecum! although to be quite honest, i can see where that came from
  • and while we're on the topic of lincecum and the giants blog, apparently he got lingual braces (the kind that go behind your teeth so no one can see them). if he had gotten normal braces, he'd really look like a kid (you know, more than he already does).

royals news: teahen is back in it for another year and $3.58mil. apparently he's going to consider switching to 2B since alex and all of his awesomeness has 3B covered for the most part.

other semi-baseball-related news: The 'Ropolitans just recently celebrated 100,000 visitors. i'm jealous! well, great job to andrew for his fantastic blog, and here's to the next 100,000.

something that has absolutely nothing to do with baseball: anyone who watched ABC last night saw Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, which is cool and everything but i specifically pointed this one out because it kinda hits close to home; the house that got made-over is on the way to the place we get our christmas tree. not that this has anything to do with christmas trees, either, i'm just saying that this was a HUGE thing that happened 'cause connecticut is kinda boring so when something big like this happens, the whole state gets involved. kinda makes you feel good (aside from the fact that i didn't do anything).

Saturday, February 7, 2009

dirt time!

i've noticed that there's been a lot of nasty rumors/stories/whathaveyous around lately. michael phelps getting suspended for 3 months on a marijuana charge. the whole barry bonds steroid case snafu. and now apparently a-rod tested positive for steroids in '03 (which was before the whole penalization thing came into place).

HAHA a-rod's toast! nananananana!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

why am i not surprised...

so far this semester, we have not had one full week of school without a snow day, delay, early dismissal, or in some cases, all 3. of course, it's only been since the last week in january, but still, we have not gotten this much snow in i don't know how long.
12:37pm- gotta love this place. not only did we have a 90-minute delay 'cause of the snow, we also had a half day 'cause of staff development. i was in school for a grand total of 2 hours and 43 minutes.

anyway, as for baseball stuff, the royals signed bannister for another year and $1.7375 million (what a weird number...), leaving jacobs and teahen to be negotiated with. the red sox signed OF/1B brad wilkerson, formerly of the blue jays, to a minor league deal of about $400,000 (ish), and he could make up to $2.5mil if he cracks the major league roster. and finally, if the whole world didn't already think manny was a weenie, they sure do now after he refused the dodgers' last offer of $25mil for one year. really? most people don't make that much in their entire lifetime, and he has the audacity to refuse it for a year? maybe he's planning to trick everyone by signing with that can-am team that offered him $24,000 for two years...

Monday, February 2, 2009


you know how people usually do stuff and then think later? i wish i had realized... oh, i don't know, BEFORE that playing wii sports, throwing and catching with a arm sore from wii sports, and then playing "the bigs" for wii is NOT a good idea and that i will be incredibly sore the next day. obviously i didn't, and i had to skip conditioning today 'cause my right arm and shoulder and my ribs hurt THAT bad. as in it hurts to cough or laugh.
good things that came out of this: when i was playing "the bigs" with tyler, he forgot how to hit people in the face with a pitch so alex was safe AND i won 16-12 but that's 'cause he let me win, i did pretty good in boxing seeing as i had never boxed before, i kicked butt in bowling (both in the first round of real bowling and in the power throws exercise), and hey, i got to play the wii two days in a row. yeah, i'm paying for it now, but i love playing the wii.

so! super bowl! i'm not a football person (well duh), but going by what other people said, i wasn't really surprised that the steelers won. although, i don't take much for granted in the biggest game of the season for anything, especially after what happened last year... (i sure didn't see that coming)

and with that, i'm ready for baseball season. 2 months and 4 days 'til opening day! :)