Wednesday, January 7, 2009

yes! i made it!

as the records indicate, today is the 1-year anniversary of dividedloyalty. 251 posts in 366 days, k, that's not very consistent, but i've covered a lot of stuff, including:
  • most of the red sox games, regular season and postseason
  • detailed recaps of the 7 red sox/royals games (may 19-22)
  • jon lester's no-hitter of the royals (may 19th)
  • miscellaneous baseball oddities such as the wall-balls of july 4th and august 5th
  • defenders games and giants games featuring former defenders
  • games featuring my "5"
  • trades, both good (bay) and bad (manny, the crappy offseason free agent ones)
  • alex going on the DL and ruining my birthday weekend
  • alex coming off of the DL :)
  • random school stuff like football games and spirit weeks and stuff like that
i wanted to thank you guys for the 783 views (about half of which are me) since june. as for changes, someone (*coughdavidcough*) suggested that i start writing in complete sentences and using capitals, and as much as i hate that, i'll try to keep up with it. starting tomorrow.

to kick off a new year, i'd like to wish mr. may-19th-no-hitter a very happy 25th birthday.

guess that's it! thanks guys, you rock (except for david haha jk :D)


The EGE said...

Happy birthday, blog. I smash the nonloading cake picture in your face.

mandachan said...

my face or the blog's face? and besides, the cake picture isn't that important, i just copy-pasted it from word clipart.

Ellie said...


mandachan said...

david did a happy birthday post except his compared my blog to a fruit fly.

The EGE said...

I was using a metaphor from an article that you couldn't be bothered to read. It was actually a compliment.

mandachan said...

no, actually i did read it, i just took offense before i read it.