Thursday, January 22, 2009


anyone who's ever been to a game knows the "yeah!awww...": a promising hit turned into an out, a moon shot just barely foul, a barely-missed pass in football.

so my "yeah!awww..." occurred yesterday while getting a ride to conditioning (we had a half day 'cause of exams so we had to get driven in). i was talking to colleen's mom about the red sox tickets they do through work (my stepdad works with colleen's mom and she does the distribution), and i asked if she knew which game, and she said it would be july 10th. i yelled "YES!" and pumped my fist in the air because july 9-12 is when the royals come up to fenway. being me, i preemptively assumed that if mike got the tickets, he would bring me 'cause you know, i'm awesome and i like the royals more than anyone he knows (which seeing as where we live, there aren't very many royals fans, so that's not hard), so once i got out of conditioning, i asked him about it, huge goofy grin on my face. that was the "yeah!" part of my "yeah!awww...".
the "awww..." part was mike telling me that the tickets were a lottery of 55 so he probably won't get them, and if he did get them, he probably wouldn't bring me 'cause that would mess with the rotation he had set up between bringing his brother and bringing my mom to the game. so that temporarily ruined everything. i'm still optimistic, though. unless he gets celtics tickets instead, in which case i'll be extra mad.

(holy christmas that was a long paragraph. and no that is no incentive for me to capitalize. you should be able to figure out where sentences go based on punctuation.)

in other news, there was a headline on saying "pitching depth puts sox in great spot", which made me snicker 'cause yeah, we got a bajillion pitchers BUT WE STILL NEED A CATCHER!!!! i'm getting sick of saying that!

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