Friday, January 16, 2009

what is this, green bay?!

so, about this cold snap, i was watching jeff dunham's spark of insanity yesterday and i was thinking about when walter was talking about how cold it is in green bay ("it was -20° with a -30° wind chill!"). holy christmas it's cold out! i mean, not -20°, but it was -2° when i got up. that's COLD. it's new england for cripes sake, not the north pole!

weather aside, the red sox signed youk to a 4 year, $41mil deal. so now we got first base set, which is great BUT WE STILL NEED A CATCHER!!!! hopefully more news on that soon. and papelbon filed for arbitration, so hopefully we can resign him.

as for the royals, apparently 7 of them filed too (greinke, teahen, jacobs, bannister, peralta, gobble and buck). good news? alex isn't on the list so he'll be there another year which is good (although i don't know what kind of deal he's under).
and hillman is planning on having an infielder partay on his texas ranch to get the guys ready before spring break. gah i wish i was in texas right now. or at least somewhere where it's not below 0°.

and for your get fuzzy-related daily entertainment (this one also pokes fun at the cubs):


humanbean said...

Go Jeff Dunham!!........ I like Peanut and Jose better than Walter though.

PS: On the cold topic, I'm further North than you and I have to walk outside between every class and for food.

mandachan said...

yeah but it's not S'POSED to be this cold!