Tuesday, January 13, 2009

the time has come

january really only means 3 things for me: 1, freaking out about exams, 2, my mom's birthday, and 3, softball conditioning starts. i know that conditioning really helped me out last year (surviving through the workout part of tryouts, getting into shape for once, dealing with pain...), and even though i have the experience level of a kindergartner, sticking to this might increase my chances of making the team (just barely).

while i was in ceramics today, i had to go through the newspapers to find some that i could wrap some of my pieces in and i found this:
so obviously i ripped it out and saved it (i would've gotten to it sooner but we don't get the local paper). because it's really hard to read, you can click on the picture to read it better.

and going back to last week, i was too excited about the anniversary post and i forgot something so here's the picture that should've been on my january 7th post. sorry, lester!

apologies also to the fact that k-rod's birthday was last wednesday, too. sorry! once again, got too excited.

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