Sunday, January 11, 2009

they're on fire!

and i'm not surprised that the most recent addition is yet another pitcher, this time former dodgers' closer takashi saito. but hey, i'm glad the sox are finally using the free-agent system. and they're being smart about not being all gung-ho about the newbies and spending insane amounts of time and contract years on a team that might not even cooperate together (you know which team i'm referring to, i hope). aah, the magic of the 1-year contract.

so. still looking for resigning varitek. the sox are negotiating as of late, let's hope all goes well.


The EGE said...

7 uncapitalized sentences.
8 missed mid-sentence capitalizations.
15 errors.
68% FAIL.

The EGE said...

Did crossy remove her blog? the link no longer works.

The EGE said...

Hey, congrats on 800 hits.

mandachan said...

i don't know, i'll check.
yeah, she must've. which explains why she hasn't posted in forever.

and thanks. nothing compared to your 1K+, but still, 800 (400 of which are probably me) is pretty good. not really. whatever.