Thursday, January 15, 2009

snow day!

and this time the snow actually began falling at a reasonable hour.

anyway, i have a few things.

first, alex cora signed a 1-year, $2mil deal with the mets. 'course, i'm bummed that they didn't take lugo off our hands, but cora will serve them well as he did the sox (and i get sny so i can watch the mets games if i wanted to). also, bartolo colon is heading back to the windy city (he played with the white sox back in '03). not to sound mean or anything, but that's one less pitcher to worry about.

second, one of my favorite comics, get fuzzy, has been doing a really funny baseball-related series of comics in the papers (ours isn't one of them, unfortunately), so here are a few. i thought they were pretty funny. whether i agree with bucky or not is a different story.

if they don't come out very well or too big or whatever, you can click on them or go here and work towards today.
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