Monday, January 26, 2009

*shakes head again*

our school is seriously messed up. we got to go home early 'cause the heat crapped out. for cryin' out loud! first we almost have a half day 'cause the power went out, then we have a half day 'cause it was too hot, and now we have a half day 'cause it's too cold! the only time we ever had a half day at my old school was if it was prescheduled or if we had some legit snow issues. nonetheless, i am enjoying the nonsense 'cause hey, it gets me out of school.

anyway... the red sox have finally started negotiating with varitek. thank goodness. and apparently casey is planning on retiring and working with mlb network. interesting. (and i love how they're making the URLs totally obvious instead of using random combinations of numbers)

so! that's it. off to work on homework and keep going through the QC archives (i'm on 700, so i'm about halfway through)

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