Wednesday, January 28, 2009

oh! who called it?

which means we did get a snowday and therefore i'm going to spend the rest of the day in my pajamas going through the QC archives, trying to start a comic of my own (let's see how far that gets...) and keeping an eye on my sister.

(3:28pm- i made it through the archives! yay me! and i had time to make panbiscuits and shovel the slush in my driveway)

the red sox have gone on another signing-palooza, signing 6 players to miscellaneous minor-league deals. not surprisingly, we signed another pitcher out of those six, but only one (we also signed 3 infielders, an outfielder and a catcher). they've also given varitek until friday to accept a 1-year, $5mil deal with options for 2010, so let's hope that goes through.


Ellie said...

YAY! for snowdays (i had one too). i say i 'had' one because i was supposed to have a half day and the day would be over by now anyway.

i'm also still in my pj's

mandachan said...

yeah, same here. i wonder if we have to make up a whole day or only a half day 'cause we were gonna have a half day anyway...