Friday, January 23, 2009

i'm hooked!

yesterday was rather uneventful 'cause i got to stay home (it was exam make-up day at school and i didn't need to make anything up) so i decided to poke around and found this awesome webcomic, questionable content. needless to say, i got up 3 hours later wishing i had more time to go through the archives. it's one of those comics where you kinda have to read from the beginning to understand most of the stuff, but it is amazing and i have to admit, it's not bad seeing as david found it first (i thought it'd be much worse to be quite honest). we both found it funny when we realized that faye is like a better version of me, complete with the random fits and lack of self-esteem.

ugh. 2nd semester, first day and i already have 3 journal entries due for english. i think i'm not gonna be liking this semester. oh well.

as for baseball whateverness, i saw this in my boston dirt dogs feed and thought that it was incredibly nice for baldelli to thank the tampa fans for their support through the years. i wish everyone was that nice.

(thanks to the boston dirt dogs for that)

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