Saturday, January 3, 2009

first real post of '09

things i have noticed so far this year (more like in the past 3 days):
  1. the new year's eve hooflah on tv isn't really that exciting, and they suck at picking performers.
  2. movies are becoming horribly predictable, and 3D doesn't really work off of the big screen.
  3. sitting on someone's feet is very painful, for both the sitter and the feet being sat on :)
  4. along with movies, i'm apparently very predictable. one of the recent posts on the 'ropolitans, a rumor came up regarding the mets considering shipping delgado to boston for matsuzaka and ellsbury (no! never!). in the comments, ellie wrote that she was all over that trade (and apologized to me) and the proprietor andrew wrote that he knew he'd get me with that headline. HE SURE DID :)
  5. finally, even smart people do stupid stuff. like how i was able to beat david at connect four today in only 4 moves. (sorry dude, had to point that out :D)
on a parting note, i found this picture in this article, so here's some winter cheer :D

(aw, i miss that face)
yes, he still looks a little goofy with the beard, but i think i can get used to it, as long as he doesn't grow it out

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