Wednesday, January 21, 2009


well, this post should technically be called "dangnabbit yay and good god" but that's too long.

dangnabbit: look back to the 1/21/08 post. you'd think i would've learned. all i can say is that that's what i get for going to bed without eating dinner: strange dreams about sharpies.

yay: exams are over WOOT! and i could've sworn that i bombed yesterday's chem exam but i went to go see my score just because. so, this morning i asked my chem teacher if i bombed it and he said "yeah, you bombed it" very seriously so i was all like "oh crap" and then he showed me the score and it was a 102 and i was like "gah! don't scare me like that!". so yay for that (it's a 97 with 5 points for having a study group)

good god: the red sox traded aardsma to the mariners, and i don't even have to say what position player we got. for crying out loud, i realize that pitchers are important BUT WE DON'T NEED ANY MORE!!!! we still have to worry about varitek! and the most recent inside deal was struck with papelbon, a 1 year $6.25mil deal (which apparently breaks the record for a 1-year deal for a closer).

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