Tuesday, January 6, 2009

book review time!

anyway, in my book-buying escapades over break (which really only involved $43 and two books), i bought josh hamilton's autobiography 'cause i really wanted to read it. yeah, i already knew his incredible story (i mean, after the home run derby, who doesn't?), so it was kinda like reading the sparknotes version before reading the real thing, but it was a really good book. it was really descriptive, and i learned a lot from it (like how apparently doing too much cocaine tears up a person's sinuses so they end up sneezing out strings of sinus tissue, which is totally gross)

anyway, i recommend it 'cause it's a good read.
(and for whatever awesome reason, whenever i do a book review, the author always comments on my post :D)

(oh, and p.s.: i didn't fail my chem test, i got a 77 which is pretty bad but seeing as there was only 1 A and 3 Bs between the two classes and the average was a 64...)


The EGE said...

good luck.

mandachan said...

dangit you got me all excited. i was all like 'dang, he's fast' and then i saw it was you. |:(

Ellie said...

Today in English class I was talking to this boy and he is reading Josh Hamilton's autobiography for his project (mine is Roy Campanella). I saw the cover of his book and was like OMG I LOVE HIM!

Just thought it was a kinda cool coincidence.

mandachan said...

yeah, he's not like one of the 5, but he's one of those guys who has such an awesome story and that i have an insane amount of respect for. same thing with jon lester.