Friday, January 30, 2009


again, "finally" is already a title, but if it wasn't, that would most definitely be fitting to this post.

after a lot of dilly-dallying, the red sox have FINALLY come to an agreement with varitek, a 1-year $5mil deal with a $3-$5mil option for 2010. THANK YOU FOR FINALLY RE-SIGNING OUR CATCHER!!!!

so now that that's out of the way... i guess i'm set! yay :)

Thursday, January 29, 2009


nothing much to report and a buttload of homework. yippee.

so i guess i'll go work on that and enjoy the remains of my butterfinger hot chocolate. sorry guys, more stuff when it comes.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

oh! who called it?

which means we did get a snowday and therefore i'm going to spend the rest of the day in my pajamas going through the QC archives, trying to start a comic of my own (let's see how far that gets...) and keeping an eye on my sister.

(3:28pm- i made it through the archives! yay me! and i had time to make panbiscuits and shovel the slush in my driveway)

the red sox have gone on another signing-palooza, signing 6 players to miscellaneous minor-league deals. not surprisingly, we signed another pitcher out of those six, but only one (we also signed 3 infielders, an outfielder and a catcher). they've also given varitek until friday to accept a 1-year, $5mil deal with options for 2010, so let's hope that goes through.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

too many thoughts!

contents of my brain right now: i hope tomorrow's a snowday, i hate high school romance, i have way too much homework in english, i have too many songs stuck in my head, and pettitte is a weenie.

"so lie to me and tell me that it's gonna be alright
lie to me and tell me that we'll make it through the night
i don't mind if you wait before you tear me apart
look me in the eye
lie, lie, lie"
("lie" by david cook)

so! aside from that, here's another funny series from get fuzzy:

once again, thanks to, and if they don't come out, click on them

Monday, January 26, 2009

*shakes head again*

our school is seriously messed up. we got to go home early 'cause the heat crapped out. for cryin' out loud! first we almost have a half day 'cause the power went out, then we have a half day 'cause it was too hot, and now we have a half day 'cause it's too cold! the only time we ever had a half day at my old school was if it was prescheduled or if we had some legit snow issues. nonetheless, i am enjoying the nonsense 'cause hey, it gets me out of school.

anyway... the red sox have finally started negotiating with varitek. thank goodness. and apparently casey is planning on retiring and working with mlb network. interesting. (and i love how they're making the URLs totally obvious instead of using random combinations of numbers)

so! that's it. off to work on homework and keep going through the QC archives (i'm on 700, so i'm about halfway through)

Saturday, January 24, 2009


nothing much to write about.

although, i was thinking about the whole alex mohawk thing (or lack thereof), and i really miss his pre-2007 hair. it was really weird 'cause in the ESPN NEXT 2007 article he was in, he had this fantabulous hair and magically when they wrote the other ESPN article about him, he looked like a totally different person. examples:

(the picture on the right is the one i redid for geometry last year)

and after:

i mean, don't get me wrong, he's still awesome, but it's weird how someone can look completely different just by changing his hair (although his eyes look different too...)

(thanks to ESPN mag for those two)

Friday, January 23, 2009

i'm hooked!

yesterday was rather uneventful 'cause i got to stay home (it was exam make-up day at school and i didn't need to make anything up) so i decided to poke around and found this awesome webcomic, questionable content. needless to say, i got up 3 hours later wishing i had more time to go through the archives. it's one of those comics where you kinda have to read from the beginning to understand most of the stuff, but it is amazing and i have to admit, it's not bad seeing as david found it first (i thought it'd be much worse to be quite honest). we both found it funny when we realized that faye is like a better version of me, complete with the random fits and lack of self-esteem.

ugh. 2nd semester, first day and i already have 3 journal entries due for english. i think i'm not gonna be liking this semester. oh well.

as for baseball whateverness, i saw this in my boston dirt dogs feed and thought that it was incredibly nice for baldelli to thank the tampa fans for their support through the years. i wish everyone was that nice.

(thanks to the boston dirt dogs for that)

Thursday, January 22, 2009


anyone who's ever been to a game knows the "yeah!awww...": a promising hit turned into an out, a moon shot just barely foul, a barely-missed pass in football.

so my "yeah!awww..." occurred yesterday while getting a ride to conditioning (we had a half day 'cause of exams so we had to get driven in). i was talking to colleen's mom about the red sox tickets they do through work (my stepdad works with colleen's mom and she does the distribution), and i asked if she knew which game, and she said it would be july 10th. i yelled "YES!" and pumped my fist in the air because july 9-12 is when the royals come up to fenway. being me, i preemptively assumed that if mike got the tickets, he would bring me 'cause you know, i'm awesome and i like the royals more than anyone he knows (which seeing as where we live, there aren't very many royals fans, so that's not hard), so once i got out of conditioning, i asked him about it, huge goofy grin on my face. that was the "yeah!" part of my "yeah!awww...".
the "awww..." part was mike telling me that the tickets were a lottery of 55 so he probably won't get them, and if he did get them, he probably wouldn't bring me 'cause that would mess with the rotation he had set up between bringing his brother and bringing my mom to the game. so that temporarily ruined everything. i'm still optimistic, though. unless he gets celtics tickets instead, in which case i'll be extra mad.

(holy christmas that was a long paragraph. and no that is no incentive for me to capitalize. you should be able to figure out where sentences go based on punctuation.)

in other news, there was a headline on saying "pitching depth puts sox in great spot", which made me snicker 'cause yeah, we got a bajillion pitchers BUT WE STILL NEED A CATCHER!!!! i'm getting sick of saying that!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


well, this post should technically be called "dangnabbit yay and good god" but that's too long.

dangnabbit: look back to the 1/21/08 post. you'd think i would've learned. all i can say is that that's what i get for going to bed without eating dinner: strange dreams about sharpies.

yay: exams are over WOOT! and i could've sworn that i bombed yesterday's chem exam but i went to go see my score just because. so, this morning i asked my chem teacher if i bombed it and he said "yeah, you bombed it" very seriously so i was all like "oh crap" and then he showed me the score and it was a 102 and i was like "gah! don't scare me like that!". so yay for that (it's a 97 with 5 points for having a study group)

good god: the red sox traded aardsma to the mariners, and i don't even have to say what position player we got. for crying out loud, i realize that pitchers are important BUT WE DON'T NEED ANY MORE!!!! we still have to worry about varitek! and the most recent inside deal was struck with papelbon, a 1 year $6.25mil deal (which apparently breaks the record for a 1-year deal for a closer).

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

found it!

while the royals haven't put up the photo gallery from the fan-fest this weekend, i went poking around elsewhere and i did find a muchly-anticipated picture of alex.

i don't know about you, but that isn't a mohawk! oh well, it's not bad. it kinda reminds me of pedroia, minus the wolverine beard...
(and at first glance it doesn't look like he's wearing shoes in the first one)

(thanks to the royals front office and other proprietors of around the horn in kc)

in red sox news, the red sox traded pitcher david pauley to the orioles for what else? another pitcher (randor bierd). would you quit with signing all of these pitchers! we practically have enough for 2 rotations and a bullpen and a half! how 'bout signing varitek? or salty? or both?

and exams suck. just saying.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

pshht, the snow again

i blame david (he says he wants the snow for rocketry launching, but we all know it's 'cause he wants to come peg me with snowballs since i can't throw them back with any accuracy)

anyway, the royals fan-fest is this weekend. and apparently alex got a mohawk in a recent vacation in mexico with luke hochevar. that is hilarious. i need pictures of this. NOW! as it is, he shaved his beard and i'm glad.

this is the picture from the front page of (alex is all the way on the left, fyi), i'm waiting for the photo gallery which should be up soon...

Friday, January 16, 2009

what is this, green bay?!

so, about this cold snap, i was watching jeff dunham's spark of insanity yesterday and i was thinking about when walter was talking about how cold it is in green bay ("it was -20° with a -30° wind chill!"). holy christmas it's cold out! i mean, not -20°, but it was -2° when i got up. that's COLD. it's new england for cripes sake, not the north pole!

weather aside, the red sox signed youk to a 4 year, $41mil deal. so now we got first base set, which is great BUT WE STILL NEED A CATCHER!!!! hopefully more news on that soon. and papelbon filed for arbitration, so hopefully we can resign him.

as for the royals, apparently 7 of them filed too (greinke, teahen, jacobs, bannister, peralta, gobble and buck). good news? alex isn't on the list so he'll be there another year which is good (although i don't know what kind of deal he's under).
and hillman is planning on having an infielder partay on his texas ranch to get the guys ready before spring break. gah i wish i was in texas right now. or at least somewhere where it's not below 0°.

and for your get fuzzy-related daily entertainment (this one also pokes fun at the cubs):

Thursday, January 15, 2009

snow day!

and this time the snow actually began falling at a reasonable hour.

anyway, i have a few things.

first, alex cora signed a 1-year, $2mil deal with the mets. 'course, i'm bummed that they didn't take lugo off our hands, but cora will serve them well as he did the sox (and i get sny so i can watch the mets games if i wanted to). also, bartolo colon is heading back to the windy city (he played with the white sox back in '03). not to sound mean or anything, but that's one less pitcher to worry about.

second, one of my favorite comics, get fuzzy, has been doing a really funny baseball-related series of comics in the papers (ours isn't one of them, unfortunately), so here are a few. i thought they were pretty funny. whether i agree with bucky or not is a different story.

if they don't come out very well or too big or whatever, you can click on them or go here and work towards today.
(an obvious thanks to

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


this is gonna suck. i have conditioning at 3:50 and i'm not even recovered from monday. oh well. if i can't move tomorrow, you'll know why.

as for red sox news, now that we've practically filled up 2 rotations worth of pitchers, the sox have decided to put all of their efforts into finding another catcher, in case varitek doesn't come back. and apparently byrd is taking the beginning of the season off, which will be ok since we'll have the rotation more than covered.

finally, a big happy 25th birthday to mikey p (mike pelfrey). he's one of the many mets ellie has introduced me to, and it's funny 'cause if it weren't for him, i wouldn't know who lincecum is (i was watching a mets game 'cause mikey p was pitching and lincecum was pitching against the mets and i was like 'hey, that guy's pretty good' and so that's my story. i think mikey p ended up shutting out the giants 7-0 but i thank him for introducing me to yet another awesome person.)

6:36pm- as always, ellie has an awesome photo gallery-esque thing on her blog, so you can go check hers out too. and also a happy 15th birthday to ellie :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

the time has come

january really only means 3 things for me: 1, freaking out about exams, 2, my mom's birthday, and 3, softball conditioning starts. i know that conditioning really helped me out last year (surviving through the workout part of tryouts, getting into shape for once, dealing with pain...), and even though i have the experience level of a kindergartner, sticking to this might increase my chances of making the team (just barely).

while i was in ceramics today, i had to go through the newspapers to find some that i could wrap some of my pieces in and i found this:
so obviously i ripped it out and saved it (i would've gotten to it sooner but we don't get the local paper). because it's really hard to read, you can click on the picture to read it better.

and going back to last week, i was too excited about the anniversary post and i forgot something so here's the picture that should've been on my january 7th post. sorry, lester!

apologies also to the fact that k-rod's birthday was last wednesday, too. sorry! once again, got too excited.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

they're on fire!

and i'm not surprised that the most recent addition is yet another pitcher, this time former dodgers' closer takashi saito. but hey, i'm glad the sox are finally using the free-agent system. and they're being smart about not being all gung-ho about the newbies and spending insane amounts of time and contract years on a team that might not even cooperate together (you know which team i'm referring to, i hope). aah, the magic of the 1-year contract.

so. still looking for resigning varitek. the sox are negotiating as of late, let's hope all goes well.

Friday, January 9, 2009

i give up

yeah, that new years resolution lasted what, a day? proves how not committed i am.

anyway, the sox signed kotsay to a 1-year deal and are still on the lookout for anyone trying to sign varitek. we should be able to keep our 'captain america' for a little while longer. i sure hope so.

in other news, happy 22nd birthday to paolo nutini (he's the guy who did those awesome songs "new shoes" and "last request", in case you forgot or didn't know in the first place. so now you know)

Thursday, January 8, 2009


(yeah, I guess I'll actually start capitalizing now, as one of those new years resolutions. Let's see how long I can keep up.)

So anyway, the Red Sox finally got the lead out with free agent signing, so now we have John Smoltz (from Atlanta, yet another pitcher) and Rocco Baldelli (from Tampa Bay, our 4th outfielder). I'm really glad to see the Sox starting to crack into that free agent market. All we need now is to resign Varitek and we should be set.

(Gah! I don't like capitalizing! Oh well, I guess I'll suck it up for the time being. You're welcome, David. >:| )

(3:58pm: you know what, screw capitalization. i officially undo that new years resolution starting next post. it's not like anyone keeps them anyway.)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

yes! i made it!

as the records indicate, today is the 1-year anniversary of dividedloyalty. 251 posts in 366 days, k, that's not very consistent, but i've covered a lot of stuff, including:
  • most of the red sox games, regular season and postseason
  • detailed recaps of the 7 red sox/royals games (may 19-22)
  • jon lester's no-hitter of the royals (may 19th)
  • miscellaneous baseball oddities such as the wall-balls of july 4th and august 5th
  • defenders games and giants games featuring former defenders
  • games featuring my "5"
  • trades, both good (bay) and bad (manny, the crappy offseason free agent ones)
  • alex going on the DL and ruining my birthday weekend
  • alex coming off of the DL :)
  • random school stuff like football games and spirit weeks and stuff like that
i wanted to thank you guys for the 783 views (about half of which are me) since june. as for changes, someone (*coughdavidcough*) suggested that i start writing in complete sentences and using capitals, and as much as i hate that, i'll try to keep up with it. starting tomorrow.

to kick off a new year, i'd like to wish mr. may-19th-no-hitter a very happy 25th birthday.

guess that's it! thanks guys, you rock (except for david haha jk :D)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

book review time!

anyway, in my book-buying escapades over break (which really only involved $43 and two books), i bought josh hamilton's autobiography 'cause i really wanted to read it. yeah, i already knew his incredible story (i mean, after the home run derby, who doesn't?), so it was kinda like reading the sparknotes version before reading the real thing, but it was a really good book. it was really descriptive, and i learned a lot from it (like how apparently doing too much cocaine tears up a person's sinuses so they end up sneezing out strings of sinus tissue, which is totally gross)

anyway, i recommend it 'cause it's a good read.
(and for whatever awesome reason, whenever i do a book review, the author always comments on my post :D)

(oh, and p.s.: i didn't fail my chem test, i got a 77 which is pretty bad but seeing as there was only 1 A and 3 Bs between the two classes and the average was a 64...)

Monday, January 5, 2009

ugh. school.

this morning came way too early. the only good thing about today was that i wore my new lincecum shirt and black plaid converses. and i'm really not looking forward to the rest of the semester 'cause we haven't gotten the most recent chemistry test back, which i'm sure the whole class (me included) failed, and then exams start next week AAUGH.

no baseball news other than that the yankees are presenting teixeira soon. like the guy needs someone to say "HEY WE SIGNED HIM!" 'cause you know, it's not totally obvious as it is. i hope he trips in his 'inauguration'. or on opening day. or both.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

first real post of '09

things i have noticed so far this year (more like in the past 3 days):
  1. the new year's eve hooflah on tv isn't really that exciting, and they suck at picking performers.
  2. movies are becoming horribly predictable, and 3D doesn't really work off of the big screen.
  3. sitting on someone's feet is very painful, for both the sitter and the feet being sat on :)
  4. along with movies, i'm apparently very predictable. one of the recent posts on the 'ropolitans, a rumor came up regarding the mets considering shipping delgado to boston for matsuzaka and ellsbury (no! never!). in the comments, ellie wrote that she was all over that trade (and apologized to me) and the proprietor andrew wrote that he knew he'd get me with that headline. HE SURE DID :)
  5. finally, even smart people do stupid stuff. like how i was able to beat david at connect four today in only 4 moves. (sorry dude, had to point that out :D)
on a parting note, i found this picture in this article, so here's some winter cheer :D

(aw, i miss that face)
yes, he still looks a little goofy with the beard, but i think i can get used to it, as long as he doesn't grow it out

Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy '09

happy new year, everyone. i'm going to bed. see you at noon :)